Monday, August 18, 2014

Kindergarten Girl

Today was the first day of Kindergarten. What?! Yes, we have an almost 6 year old in Kindergarten. Seems like we were just in the NICU!

Blair is beyond thrilled to start school. She is going to the same school she attended last year, but her class is thankfully smaller - 13 kids! I'm so glad because she always said the boys were too loud last year. Smaller class, fewer boys, and shiny new hearing aids will hopefully be a good mix for her!

We went to open house last night to see her desk and drop off supplies. 

She got a picture with her teachers. 

And of course all she talked about the whole day was going to "open dowa" (open door, aka open house) and when we got there she was all shy!

And then we went out for her favorite - spaghetti. She said she wanted sweet tea since it was the last night for sweet yea. And then she wouldn't go to bed. 

This morning she was so excited. 

She insisted on a new backpack. I love her llbean one, but she had her eye on a Garnet Hill messenger bag. And I have to say that it is very cute. 

I just started letting her wear skirts. She loves them. 

She stayed at school without a tear (she cried or whined every. single. day last year) and Ooda and I went out for grits! Yay kindergarten!


Candi James said...

I have loved watching this sweet girl grow up. She is soooo cute Ash.