Sunday, April 20, 2014

Leighton 19 Months

This month we have seen Leighton's vocabulary and word attempts take off. He pretty much will attempt most any word he hears, and I already see improvement in words he's been saying. Cereal has come from "eee" when he first started saying words to "ee-all" and now "cee-all." And phone was "gone" and now "pone."

He attempts all kinds of words with ee on the end, leaving out the middle: po-ee (potty), soh-ee (sorry), bu-ee (buddy). He is just communicating like crazy! He asks for "dink" at supper and when I offer the wrong thing, he swipes at me and says, "Nooo! dink!" pointing to my drink. 

He puts a very emphatic T on the end of words: haT, hoT, waiT!!

Other things he says:

OK! when I finish putting his shoes on
Hee-ya!!! When he hands you somethin he wants you to take or hold. 
Wet. When it rained he declared wet! cold!
Ice - ice cream
Hohse - horse
Done - Clear as a bell when he's finished eating. As he hands over his plate!
Caw caw - coffee
Wing - swing
Ee-all (cereal)
Catcup (ketchup)
Dodo (Donut)
Gin - again

His drastic head nod is the best. He answers most questions appropriately with his huge head nod or a Nnnoooo. 

Valentine's Day

And he's started saying multiple words this month.

See fish
Ge out
Hoeyou - Hold you :) (Love this one with his sweet little hands held out in front of him, wrists together.)
Bayah, ge' it! (He yelled at her when he dropped his fork.)

One night we ate an ice cream cone at CFA and he dropped ice cream on himself. Looked down and pointed to it and said - mess! Bless him. 

And he spilled a bowl of cereal and yelled "Guuuus!" Guilty. I definitely call Gus when there is food on the floor. He's the best broom. 

When we walk down to feed the chickens (which he LOVES and gets so excited about) he sticks his hand out to hold mine and says "walk." 

As always, he ADORES "Bayah." After we drop her as school he always asks, "Bayah?" And he'll say "cool" when I tell him she has school.

She aggravates him, and he has learned to aggravate her. She was making up her bed this week, and he crawled up on it and lay down flat. But he follows her around this house and does everything she does.

And he has learned so much from her! It's because of her that he says "WHY!" when I tell him no. He does not know what this means, but Blair says it so why shouldn't he! His running after me in the yard yelling WAIT, WAIT!! is directly from Blair. It's so funny that he knows exactly when to say it. 

Blair was being ugly and pouting in the car one day, and he repeated over and over - nnnnnnnooo! Bad! Just like she says to him. She gets in trouble for calling him bad, but it doesn't take many times for him to pick it up. 

He still eats really well but prefers junk. :/

He's learned quite a few body parts. 
Ear - says
Nose - says
Says eyes but gets confused on where they are!

He saw his first snow this month... And hated it. He cried because it was so cold.

He played on the big playground that Blair loves for the first time. He was a baby baby last time we went.  

He has the two molars on top and he is just about to get the ones on bottom. He went to his first dentist appointment this month and was a superstar patient. Dr. Margaret really bragged in how well he did. He lay right there and let them use all of the tools and real polisher. I think it helped that he saw Blair a few weeks earlier. She loves the dentist. 

He still likes to sleep and will ask to go "night night." He has really attached to his blue flannel blanket, which he calls "sot." (????) He also says "baybet" but says "sot" when he is looking for it. 

I turned his seat around two days before 19 months. We had to go on a long haul, and he was by himself in the back. I turned on Cars - his first car movie! - and as soon as he saw it he said brrrrrmmmm!! He did great that day and has really enjoyed pointing out all the cows he can now see. The boy loves a cow. 

People love this baby. Our friends at Awana tote him around and play with him because he's so stinking sweet! And he's funny. My parents had a ball with him while we were at Disney. It's hard to describe him but he just about beings me to tears with some of the things he does. I just love how he still lays his head on my shoulder when he gets up from sleeping. 


Candi James said...

Love this post! He is the cutest boy.

AA said...

Sweetness, Ash! Loved this post. I love the "hold you!"