Thursday, January 23, 2014

Breakfast Boy

Leighton is like his mama in that he is a breakfast person!! He will eat a whole serving of grits ("gits") plus fruit or whatever else I give him. Another favorite is peanut butter toast. He begs for "toas." And he loves raspberries or "brees."

On the way home from dropping Blair off at school we go out to breakfast a couple times month. Leighton is the best little breakfast date. 

He fixes my coffee. 

He helps me drink it.

And he helps me eat a French toast breakfast. 

He likes biscuits too!

And Waffle House? He's a fan. 

After all, they have the best grits (except for mama's of course).  

He's learning how to cook mama a patty melt. And the girls just love him. But who doesn't love this sweet one?!

Fun mornings!!