Thursday, January 23, 2014

Pearly Whites

Blair went to the dentist for a cleaning this week, and she was looking forward to it. She loves Dr. Margaret and Whitney at Pediatric Dentistry of Central Georgia. She asked for weeks when she would be able to go and talked about what kind of toothpaste she was going to get. 

We found out that she has two loose teeth on the bottom and on permanent tooth in the bottom (her right) has already started to come in! I had not even seen it!

This makes mama sad about her growing up so fast, but I was happy to get a good report from Dr. Margaret! Blair is already asking when she can go back. She totally got that from her dad. 


I don't know if "sillies" is even a word, but that's what we have here in our house. A bunch of sillies. 

I wouldn't have it any other way!

Nurse Blair

Blair's being in the hospital and them having to have a CT has given her more IV experience than she has wanted. But she's not afraid to give her babies an IV! Poor things! 

And she gave Leighton one too. 

He was a good sport... the first time. 

Scotch tape...

Doc McStuffins headband and all!

Snack Monster

This one is not afraid to help himself to a snack. 

And as I cleaned them up he was eating the strays. :)

"Kicken" Lover Part 2

I have loads of pictures of Blair at 2 suing with out chickens. Leighton is following right in Blair's footsteps. If I mention chickens he races towards the coop. And he wants to hold me hand :). 

We don't let our chickens out like we used to but I have a couple of really sweet ones he can pet. 

And he does dog imitations too. :)


When Blair was little she loved to ride in the laundry basket. Now I have a new rider! I don't know what it is but they both love riding on the clothes. It must be something about watching the ceiling because this is the required position. 

He works until he gets himself in just right. 

And he's ready!

In Training

I have a counter buddy in training. 

The first step is to sit still. We're still working on that. He asks, "op" to get up there like Blair but he can't resist the urge to climb up further. 

The next, stay out of the flour! We're still working on that one too!

He'll get it though. I'll have two counter partners in no time... Although Blair has sadly become a stand-in-the-chair-next-to-the-stove partner. She has just about gotten to tall for the counter.

Breakfast Boy

Leighton is like his mama in that he is a breakfast person!! He will eat a whole serving of grits ("gits") plus fruit or whatever else I give him. Another favorite is peanut butter toast. He begs for "toas." And he loves raspberries or "brees."

On the way home from dropping Blair off at school we go out to breakfast a couple times month. Leighton is the best little breakfast date. 

He fixes my coffee. 

He helps me drink it.

And he helps me eat a French toast breakfast. 

He likes biscuits too!

And Waffle House? He's a fan. 

After all, they have the best grits (except for mama's of course).  

He's learning how to cook mama a patty melt. And the girls just love him. But who doesn't love this sweet one?!

Fun mornings!!