Wednesday, December 25, 2013

She's Five Part 1: Birthday at School

Blair is five. How we got there I do not know, but this spunky gal grows more amazing each year. 

Blair got the celebrate her birthday at school this year. She picked out her outfit in honor of her Gus party on Saturday - a Gus "dress" that is beginning its fourth season with us and is now a top! 

I had to work on some things for the school so I was in the library when she picked out her book to dedicate to the library for her birthday. They make such a big deal out of it, and Blair really loved it. 

She picked an Alice in Wonderland reader. 

They put a sticker with the dedication in her name. 

She got a birthday bracelet!

She had her little party at school for snack. Gigi made Gus cupcakes. 

She had a great birthday and is so excited about her party! She has come a long way from five years ago!