Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Fall Outside

Now that it's not blazing hot and the gnats have decreased maybe a fraction, we've been playing outside a lot more.

It has been a good play together morning!

Blair pushed Leighton on the roller coaster. 

And she rode "hided."

And she showed out for me to take a picture. 

And she rode Leighton on the gator. She will finally ride it without me walking right beside her. Totally my fault for playing with her every minute when she was smaller!

She sang to him the whole time... Halloween songs she's learned at school, you are my sunshine, old macdonald, and on and on. There's no telling how many songs this child knows!

She was so happy about him wanting to get in her seat. 

Holding on for dear life. 

He's too little to sit and hold on so he has to make do!

"She'll be riding on a whoopsie when she comes...."


AA said...

Hilarious!! Love how Leighton holds on and she is seriously hysterical!