Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Bales of Fun

Tonight we helped Brad tag some cotton bales, and those things just look too fun not to play on!

First the tag lady did her thing. 

Then it was playtime. Blair started by jumping from one bale to the other. 

Then she realized they made great slides. 

Leighton joined in (this required a minor miracle in that I had to get my rear up there to hold him!), and we all had a ball. 

I feel like we haven't been very involved in cotton this year because Brad is usually picking when the kids are in bed (he's doing night shift), but this was a lot of fun!

On tagging bales... We tag bales for the gin. The tags give each roll (or bale) an identification number and tell the gin what farmer and farm the cotton was from. 4 bales are tagged as a set because that is how many the gin trucks can haul at a time. We notify the gin of cotton that needs to be picked up, and they come and get it!