Monday, November 25, 2013

Again I write. From the hospital.

Well I wrote a post from the hospital, but it posted blank! I'll try again just to recap what went on during the week of pneumonia!

Blair got sick on Tuesday the week before Thanksgiving. I took her to the clinic to make sure she didn't test positive for the flu. She had fever, and she felt pretty bad. It was negative. So I took her to her doctor on Thursday for a chest x-ray. We went home thinking everything was viral, and on Friday she started perking up, wanting to play cards that evening. The nights had been rough with oxygen. She takes it off, the monitor alarms, I put it back on, repeat. Repeat. Repeat. And mama gets no sleep.

So Friday evening I thought she was getting better, but Friday night was horrible. Her heart rate was in the 160s, and I couldn't keep her sats up good. I was up every few minutes it seemed. And Blair kept saying, "Mama, I feel bay-ad." It was awful. About 4am that morning, I had a feeling she needed to be in the hospital. I called her doctor at 7, and he admitted her.  He told me he would call me when her room was ready, and I said that we would be in the ER. I was worried. I had already pretty much packed the car by the time he called me back after checking with the hospital -- which wasn't very long.

We stayed in the ER for a couple of hours. They were able to do labs and start an IV. When we got to the PICU Step Down, they started her on high flow oxygen at 12 liters. She was breathing 60 - 70 times a minute. Her CRP was elevated, so she got some medicine. She was miserable. The night wasn't too bad, and Sunday was a little better. She was breathing a little better, and I felt like she felt a little better. Except for the steroid part -- she was a raging diva on Sunday afternoon! Wow. Those steroids did a number on her.

Then Monday she was worse. Her respiratory rate was back up, and she felt bad. We had to go back up on her flow and oxygen. I had a bad day too. I was so worried about her. We had found out that her blood cultures were positive for the pneumonia bacteria. She was on the right meds, but she felt bad. They started chest PT on her, and I think it helped. She hated it, but I do think it was tremendously helpful. Then Monday evening was better, and Tuesday we started the downhill slide towards home.

Tuesday and Wednesday were good days. Her respirations were coming down, and her oxygen requirement was too. She still didn't feel all that great, but she wanted to eat and watch movies.

Thursday, Thanksgiving, was a good day. She and I played every single game and did every activity we had in the room. Sweet friends and family had visited and brought gifts for Blair, and she really enjoyed them at this point. (And I so enjoyed the visits! Because Brad had a cold and my family had Leighton, I was by myself with Blair a good bit. It was so nice to have company and food!) So Thursday, we painted toenails, Blair painted my nails all colors, we colored, we did play-doh, we played with all of the dolls and stuffed animals she had received, we applied tattoos, we watched movies, we watched Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, we ate, we read books, we did lace cards.... you name it.

Friday morning first thing, we headed home! Blair felt much more like herself, although she was weak. I am so thankful to God for healing her once again, for the people He placed in our path to care for her, and for our friends' and family's prayers. We are so grateful to be home with this special girl. God has big plans for her.