Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Boy Kisses

From when he was very small, Leighton has always given "sugar." It was one of the first things he would do on command. In fact, he probably learned to "give me sugar" right after he learned to dance when he was about 7 months old! He is such a loving child. Both of my children have been super sweet babies, but Leighton is definitely my hugging, loving, head laying on your shoulder, sugar-giving child. When I get him out of the bed in the morning or after his naps, he lays his head on my shoulder for up to a couple of minutes. It's one of my favorite parts of my day. Blair has always been too busy for all that!

Head butt blair

But in true boy fashion (and he is ALL boy), Leighton's sugar has gone from an open mouth to my face to a straight head butt. For a few months now, instead of using his mouth, he just leans his forehead over to bump it to yours. And he'll do it if he likes someone -- without being asked. It's like he is saying, "Hey I like you, let me give you a good head butt to show you!" And as you see by his face in this picture and the full on head butt kiss, he does love his big sister.