Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Boy Kisses

From when he was very small, Leighton has always given "sugar." It was one of the first things he would do on command. In fact, he probably learned to "give me sugar" right after he learned to dance when he was about 7 months old! He is such a loving child. Both of my children have been super sweet babies, but Leighton is definitely my hugging, loving, head laying on your shoulder, sugar-giving child. When I get him out of the bed in the morning or after his naps, he lays his head on my shoulder for up to a couple of minutes. It's one of my favorite parts of my day. Blair has always been too busy for all that!

Head butt blair

But in true boy fashion (and he is ALL boy), Leighton's sugar has gone from an open mouth to my face to a straight head butt. For a few months now, instead of using his mouth, he just leans his forehead over to bump it to yours. And he'll do it if he likes someone -- without being asked. It's like he is saying, "Hey I like you, let me give you a good head butt to show you!" And as you see by his face in this picture and the full on head butt kiss, he does love his big sister.

Friday, September 20, 2013

Leighton at 14 Months

At 14 months, I can officially say that Leighton is walking. Around the first of September, he was trying to walk more and more, getting more surefooted and taking several steps before diving forward. I noticed he really got confident in himself around mid September (12), but just in the last few days has he begun to walk well, and he is beginning to transition to walking more than crawling. I guess I'll have to buy him some shoes soon!

He measures a 4 1/2 shoe, but I haven't gotten any yet. I'm going to start with something soft. We just got size 4 diapers. He weighs about 21 pounds and wears 12 months clothes for the most part, unless it's a shortall or romper in which he can wear 18.

He says quite a few words: Gus (Guh), Ball, Mama, Dada, Blair (Beh or Geh), no, go, hot, cold, bye, hey, cracker (gagagaga), Andad (anda), cow, kitty (kih), and he'll imitate some things too like Gigi. And most any guy is "Dada," but he knows they're not Brad. Brad is the one he beelines to.

He has the weirdest schedule, but it works for us. He was taking a morning and afternoon nap, but he has begun to not want to go down early in the morning. I used to put him down about 2 hours after getting up, but now he wants to wait 3 and then sleep 3 hours. So he'll go down around 10 or 10:30 and sleep until 1:30. He doesn't take another nap because we have to go get Blair at 4, but he goes to bed around 7:30. I would rather he take two naps, but this really works well for our schedule. It gives us time to play after we get home from taking Blair to school, and then I don't have to wake him up to go get her.

He still likes a blanket on his face or in his mouth to fall asleep. There is a satin pillow with a linen cover on it in his crib, and he'll take the cover off and use it as a face blanket. He really likes any blanket I give him. We use the brown knitted one that we got from Lin, and he loves our flannel ones too.

And does he imitate! He will attempt anything that Blair does…. like hoola hooping!! He tried so hard to hoola hoop the other night and he can't even walk! He loves his sister.
He's SUCH a flirt. Imagine that. He does this little eye roll and long blink to glare at someone. It's hysterical. He loves everyone, and so many people say how happy he is. And he is. He's such a happy baby.

Just like Blair and most other kids this age, everything is a phone. My phone, the remote, the baby monitor, a rectangular toy…. He loves a phone.

And he thinks my mixer whisk attachment is a ball!

He's backing down off of things, even our bed, like a pro. I remember having to teach Blair to back off of things, but Leighton is such a monkey he figured it out on his own. He is very aware of height and is very cautious. He want those toesies to feel that floor before he does a final let go!

One of the cutest things that Leighton does right now is admiring everything that is above. The fan pull, the blind opener, the light in the hallway… anything above our heads. His admiration is obvious because he sounds like the aliens from Toy Story: "Oooooooh" -- with his little mouth in a perfect "o!"

Speaking of perfect "o," his little mouth makes one when he says "cold." He's always getting in the freezer, and he immediately says, "coooooold!"

When he wakes up in the morning, he says "gogogogogo" which means several things. In the morning it means juice. After that it can mean food or yogurt (which is where I think it originated.).  In the morning though, he wants juice and juice only. No milk. I give him milk and he throws it down and bursts into TEARS. It's pitiful and hysterical at the same time. After juice and breakfast comes milk. 

We stopped breastfeeding this month, while we were in Panama City the last weekend in August. He transitioned superbly as we had dwindled down from three times a day before watermelon season to two or three times a day with a sippy of breastmilk during watermelon season, and then morning and evening became morning or evening during August. He did great. He had no problem with starting some whole milk a week or so after he turned one. He started by sipping it at first and worked up to drinking a whole cup during the day. By the time we stopped breastfeeding, he was a-ok! He really is this easy about everything!

And last week, the drool fountain turned off. It was like turning off a faucet, and now his clothes remain dry. How about that?! It may have had something to do with his SEVENTH tooth that popped through on this very day -- he got the one to the right of the two on the bottom. We have had a time with these teeth lately -- not in the form of mood really but in his diapers. Boy have we had the diapers -- and they burn his bottom within minutes! Seriously. Except for a thrush issue after my labor antibiotics with Leighton, neither of my children have ever had diaper rashes until this. Thank goodness for Resinol because it clears the redness right up overnight.

A lot of times, we are eating supper at the kitchen table when Brad gets home from work. You can see him come in the porch through the sink over the window, and Leighton immediately yells, "DADA, DADA, dada, dada, DADA" very excitedly, his voice going up and down. He loves his daddy. Brad scoops him up, and Leighton will lay his head on Brad's shoulder.

One of my favorite times during the day is when I get him out of his crib. He lays his head on my shoulder for up to a few minutes, hands down by his side, just enjoying waking up in mommy's arms. Sweet sweet boy.

On September 14, Blair unbuckled him without my knowing, and when I opened the door to get him out of the car, he fell out from the floor board onto his head. He had a big knot and some scrapes, but he was fine. It scared me to death, and I had to get on to Blair. She didn't mean to get him hurt of course.

This boy is growing. He's hardly a baby anymore, and mama is not liking that!

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Old Dog

Seriously, am I an old dog already? Can I not learn new tricks? I have reason to believe that I cannot!

I got a new computer. And I'm certainly excited about getting a new computer, but I had to choose to change to Windows 8 or Mac. Brad has a Windows 8 machine, and I'll be nice and say it's not my favorite. So I got a Mac. I have had the *hardest* time adjusting! I can't rename my photos like I want to, and I can't use my external hard drive like I want to, Windows LIve Writer doesn't exist on Mac {GASP!}, and I am just a fumble fingers using this thing! 

I will get it. I will. And I will love it. I've used Macs before, so it's not super foreign, it's just different from what I'm used to. I had my little filing system all set up where I can separate all my pictures just so, and I will have to get a groove with this new system. It will just take time, but I am not so patient with these things. I have many blogs to write and pictures to name. Certainly after a little time passes, I will love this machine. I will look forward to that day, but for now, I'm doing what most humans do when change happens -- freak out!!

If you blog with a Mac, what program do you use? I'm trying out MarsEdit right now, and I've quickly discovered it's not quite as user friendly as Windows Live Writer.