Tuesday, August 27, 2013


This weekend we were able to go to Panama City Beach for our last beach hooray of the summer. We picked Blair up from school after lunch and drove on down without stopping. Yes, without stopping. (Whoever heard of that with a four year old?!)

IMG 3480

It was raining when we got there, so we grabbed a few groceries and headed to supper. I had not been to Panama City in 10 years, so I looked up a place to eat. The condo our friends let us use was in a great location, and the restaurant I chose happened to be very close. We ate at Saltwater Grill. It was superb. Brad and I both got grilled grouper.  The children's meals were also very good -- and the kids ate my sweet potato too! We got the dessert sampler. Bless Blair's heart, she got an honest sweet tooth -- from both sides. We really enjoyed our meal there, and the aquarium they have is beautiful.

IMG 3482IMG 3486

And then 5:15 came so early the next morning. By 10am, we had played, eaten breakfast, gone to the beach, swum in the pool, and Leighton had napped.

DSC 0083 2DSC 0091 2DSC 0064 2DSC 0102 2

We had an early lunch and went over to Shipwreck Island. It was perfect for Blair. It wasn't crowded at all, and the day was overcast and just right. There was plenty of stuff for Blair to play on, and she had a blast.

DSC 0153 2DSC 0159 2DSC 0178 2

DSC 0186 2DSC 0290 2

DSC 0280 2

Leighton loved the shallow end of the big pool. He wanted to drink the water. Yuck.

DSC 0347 2

DSC 0331 2

We even got to ride the boat ride together!

IMG 3515IMG 3513IMG 3520

Blair and I got to spend some time in the pool that afternoon, but she said she couldn't go under because it smelled bad. And she told me her bathing suit smelled like chemicals. My little Ratatouille.

We went to a Mexican restaurant for supper -- Los Antojitos. My roommate from college is from Panama City and recommended it. It was delicious. They are known for their fish tacos, big burritos, and steaks. I had the steak burrito special. It had huge pieces of ribeye in it with peppers, onions, and sour cream. It was covered with melted cheese. Yum. That is a place that we would definitely visit again!

DSC 0365 2DSC 0363 2DSC 0376 2DSC 0422 2DSC 0429 2DSC 0433 2

We spent a little while the next morning on the beach before we headed back. Blair had a sore throat, and we didn't have any oxygen with us if she got sick. But we had a great time on our quick trip!



Sunday, August 25, 2013

Back [b]Logged

So I've been a stranger to my own blog lately. I've got notes but lack posts. And I have a reason. Sort of.

Well first I have been having computer issues, and then we had watermelons, and then time just passed and passed. But I'm back and will be posting all about everything in no time. And I'll be back posting. You know, I do blog for our records, so those have to be kept up. Can't let Mr. Second Child get the short end of the memory stick!

So you'll see posts showing up back in June and July, and I'll be posting some current ones too. I hope to get back into a good routine now that Blair is in school. That girl sure knows how to keep me busy!

Friday, August 9, 2013

School Girl

We officially have a school girl! Blair started PreK this week. It's bittersweet, of course, but she and I were both ready. Blair needs the interaction and the environment, and Mama needs the time to work in the house and play with baby brother. 

Brad was out of town, so Blair and I headed over to Open House to meet her teachers and take school supplies. She was so excited. She promptly drew a "B" on her name card at her seat. Whoops.

DSC 0826

DSC 0823 

DSC 0828Blair and her teachers.

The next day was the first day of school She was again very excited and very apprehensive at the same time. I took her and picked her up for the first three days. 

IMG 3258

IMG 3262

IMG 3263

IMG 3268

IMG 3272She was so proud of her book bag.

IMG 3273DSC 0877Learning where to hang up her book bag.


Evidence of a good day.


IMG 3275


The second and third mornings were a little tough. She had some anxiety about leaving home. She cried when we got to school, but her teachers loved on her and made it better. And she threw up. Whoops. Again. I had forewarned them that she might do that.

We expected an adjustment, so we'll continue to encourage Blair and get her adjusted. I have no doubt that she will love school after the first little bit.