Thursday, July 25, 2013

Leighton’s Puppy Birthday Party (Gus Party)

I decided a while back to have a Puppy Party for Leighton’s first birthday. He loves Gus so much that I thought it was a great idea to include him in Leighton’s special day! Our puppy party was sort of a chocolate lab party. I used blue and red with chocolate labs and red and blue tennis balls. The color palette came from a blue chocolate lab outfit I bought for Leighton before he was born, and I added red because it looked good.

I ordered the invitations from JLC Printables on Etsy. I got the print your own version. I only needed a few, so this option was great for me. Lindsey was great to work with, and I thought the invitation turned out so cute.

Fullscreen capture 7222013 124034 AM.bmp

The decorations turned out so cute. I got a fire hydrant at Hobby Lobby – and I only had to call three stores to find it!


first birthday puppy party 072113 (18)

leighton's first  birthday lin 072113 (76)

The balls came from Bambeco. $12 for ten, and I had a coupon. They were my favorite thing about the party! Of course, I used the silver pails that I used at Blair’s barnyard party and her circus party. They are from the paint section Home Depot.

first birthday puppy party 072113 (20)

I used the invitation from JLC Printables to make the little labels on the pails. They weren’t the perfect color, but they were better than the $40 chocolate lab clip art I found!

first birthday puppy party 072113 (23)

The cookies were made by my very talented sister, Linsey. Two Crazy Cookies is her and my mom’s business.

leighton's first  birthday lin 072113 (19)

The precious Gus smash cake and chocolate cake were made by my mom (Jan McCord Catering).

first birthday puppy party 072113 (15)first birthday puppy party 072113 (14)

This was a family party for mostly adults, so we had supper. Our menu included give-a-dog-a-bone-in grilled pork chops, sweet corn chew toys, bone-tie pasta salad, and watermelon fetching balls. I tried to plan the menu around Leighton's favorite foods for the most part. And it was all delicious!

leighton's first  birthday lin 072113 (156)

The most important part – the birthday boy had fun! More on that later!


Unknown said...

This is so adorable, Ashlee!! Love it!

Candi James said...

How in the world do you come up with such cute ideas.... You girls were born with those creative juices flowing. Very cute and fun party.

Lindsey marson said...

I can't believe I'm just now seeing this! Thank you so much for the shout-out! I adore seeing how my invitations are used! You did such a great job! :)