Wednesday, June 19, 2013

The VBS Aftermath

Blair finally went to VBS this year. We let her go to her Sunday School class for the first time on Sunday (she usually goes to ours), and we started VBS on Monday. We have never let her go – part of Doctor’s orders because how sick she gets when she gets a cold.

vbs 2013 collosal coaster world (51)

Blair had a blast at VBS. I worked in crafts, and people kept coming over to crafts to tell me how funny she is, how much she talks (ha!), and how much fun she is having. Or they would tell me something funny she had said. I was not worried about her for a second in the social aspect. She has stayed home her entire life, but there is no issue in the social department. She’s OVER social.

She was so excited to go back each day. And I felt good about it. School was out; she is older; she has been taught to keep her hands out of her face….

And then there was the kid with pinkeye. “We ran out of medicine.” I thought, Oh, it will be fine. That kid’s not even in her age group.

And it didn’t even dawn on me that it is GNAT season. Hands in face, eyes, mouth. And then there’s Blair who, in the excitement of new friends, has totally forgotten how to keep her hands to herself.


So Saturday, she had pink eye. 25 minute drive to the clinic.

Sunday, she had a fever. 25 minute drive to the clinic. Strep throat. And they gave her penicillin. NEVER ever give your child this unless absolutely necessary. I thought my child who is the model medicine taker had been stolen and replaced with a monster. And it almost ruined it for other medicines too. She’s still talking about the Nnnnnnnasty red medicine.

Wednesday. At Gigi’s. STILL running fever. 103. (And I was going downhill fast. Then there’s the self debate of whether I could get her sicker or not. I decided she probably had what I had.) We had a follow up appointment with her pulmonology NP anyway on Thursday, but I called to check in. She sure was breathing fast. Considered the ER. Decided against it because she wasn’t struggling at all, but we pulled out the oxygen that night.

image_2I thought she was doing better when I got to Gigi’s.

Thursday. Let’s do a chest x-ray so that we feel better about letting it ride. WALKING PNEUMONIA. Bless this child’s heart.

And Thursday was the worst. We got home right about the time I was supposed to give her ibuprofen. She looked horrible, so I raced her inside. Her temp was 104. I can do 102. I’m not a fan of 104.

I gave Blair ibuprofen, bathed her, and got her on the sofa. 102.2. Okay. Much better. Except 10 minutes later it was over 103 again. It took about an hour to get back to 102. And she was miserable but talking to me. Finally she fell asleep for a while, and I was able to play with Leighton (who was actually the first one to get cold-like symptoms, but he bee bops right through everything with a smile).

yogurt spaghetti and first spoon 061413 (7)

The next few days were much better, and now she’s begging to go outside. It’s SO hot though that I’ve told her no. She will cough and throw up in a blink!

What a week! I’ve been sick as well, and then we had our big farm audit to boot! As He always does, the Lord has brought us through this. Blair has done well, and we passed our audit! She’s needed oxygen, but has done pretty well with it overall. She’s definitely needing it for shorter periods of time when she’s sick.

image_1She was so happy for the pink medicine she got from her doc.

And I really don’t know if she got walking pneumonia at VBS, but you know, if it’s out there, I think Blair will get it. It won’t keep us away though. We’ll be there will bells on next year!


AA said...

Oh Ash! What a terrible week!!! Thank God Blair responded so well to the medicines without needing the ER. And you were sick on top of all that...ugh! At least she had fun at VBS!! Big hug, Ail!

Candi James said...

Bless Blair! Bless all of YOU! So glad she is doing much better. I bet it is so scary when she gets sick.
The Wood Family ...aka.... The Troopers!