Tuesday, June 4, 2013

The State Map

Tonight Blair wanted to do our state map puzzle. We started with Texas then went on to Florida, Alabama, Georgia, Mississippi, Louisiana, South Carolina, North Carolina, Virginia, West Virginia and so on, talking about various states and capitals.

I italicized hers… I wish I had a continuous recorder sometimes.

We pick up Alabama. Alabama, where does that go? Right next to Georgia. Oh yeah…!! Aunt Linnie said it wa’n’t too far!!

What’s this one? Fl… That’s right; what is it? Fl…Florida. Right! Where the old ocean? Is Pop’s just a little bitty tiny bitty dot that’s kinda far? Why’s it kinda far? It just is….

This one is Louisiana. Louisiana like ‘Oh Susana, oh don’t you cry for me. I’m comin’ from Alabama with a banjo on my knee.'? We finish the chorus. Like that Louisiana?!? Yes, like that. How do you get to Louisiana? You can fly or drive. Does the plane come pick us up at our house? No, you have to go to Atlanta. Oh. Can we go sing with them? Can we go to Louisiana one day? Sure. What do you want to do there? Sing. Sing what? Oh Susana!

Next is South Carolina where mama went to school and then North Carolina. And we have to talk about her friend who moved to North Carolina.

Next is Virgina. Oh oh! Where did Gigi go skiing?! She went to West Virginia. West Virgina? What’s this one? Virginia. Virgina? Did she go to Virgina? No, she went to West Virginia. Ok, I want to do that one.

There’s Washington DC right there. I LOVE… oh, Do you take a nap to Washington DC? Yes. You did? Who did you take a nap with? I guess I just took one on the plane? How did you wake up? I just woke up before we got there. Is it real far like Pop’s? Or is it further? It’s further.

(Taking a nap on the way to a place usually means it’s REALLY far.)

It was bedtime, so we had to stop because it was going to take an hour to put the puzzle together!