Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Hide and Gus Seek

We have the biggest time playing hide and seek with Gus. We play it quite often, and Blair directs who hides and who finds. We all take turns hiding with Gus, finding with Gus, or having Gus find all of us. Playing at Gigi’s is more fun because her house has more hiding spots. On Memorial Day, we went outside first thing in the morning and played in our jammies. It was a blast.

One of our hiding spots – a patio furniture box we saved for the kids.


Gus has gotten the gist of hide and Gus seek. He sits pretty patiently waiting on us to hide.


He may peek a little.


He’s a good seeker!


He gets so excited when he finds us!



And Blair does too. She just loves it. She told her daddy that “we played hide and seek for a LONG time outside today!”



Candi James said...

I tell ya' that Gus is the best dog ever! What fun memories!!!