Monday, May 20, 2013

10 Months Too Old

I haven’t even posted the 9 month post, and it’s time to post another. Leighton is just 2 months shy of a whole year old. I’m not going to talk about how sad this makes me. My mom said it will just get more and more fun. She’s right. But I sure like baby Leighton too!

10 months old 052013 (68)

10 months and a little busy…

10 months old 052013 (55)

He’s a happy thing too!

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At about 9 1/2 months he started imitating Blair clapping (when she calls him like a dog, of course). About a week later he started clapping on demand. The same week, he started saying “ah ah” for “uh oh” while playing the drop game all babies love. He doesn’t say it spontaneously though – just copies me.

He loves drinking from a straw, and if I carry by drink in the arm I’m holding him, he’ll bend down and suck my drink down (and dribble it all over me and him both!).

He loves balls, his sister, and the microphone on the singalong stage. He still adores Gus.

10 months old 052013 (50)

He also loves to open and close doors. He opens, crawls after it, closes, crawls after it, repeat.

He’s looking more and more like a little boy than a baby. He’s a happy boy though! And an eater. He’s eating 3 meals a day (again) with sometimes a snack in the afternoon. He’s nursing every 3 – 4 hours during the day, depending.

10 months old 052013 (25)

He still gets up sometimes at night. Sometimes he’ll sleep 8pm to 8am. Sometimes he gets up at 5 and goes back down. I haven’t figured out his rhyme or reason!

10 months old 052013 (105)

Here’s a schedule. I like to have these when I look back!

7:30 – 8am get up, nurse, eat breakfast.

8:30 – 9:30 Play, go outside.

9:30 or 10:00 nap If we have errands and don’t get home, he’ll nurse again and go down late to sleep for an hour or so.

12:00 wake up, nurse, eat lunch. Lately we’ve been eating outside.

12:30 – 2:00 play, go outside

2:00 nap

4:00 wake up, nurse, maybe a snack of an animal cracker or two

6:00 or 6:30 nurse again, eat supper

7:00 bath with sister

8:00 bed (sometimes he’ll nurse again, but mostly he does not)

Things I give him for meals… Breakfast might be a scrambled egg, fruit (loves all berries, orange, plum. likes banana, kiwi), 1/2 yogurt, a toast “stick” with cream cheese, puffs, cheerios, or a pancake or waffle if I make them for Blair. He begs for eggs. And blueberries. Lunch is fruit, any leftover veggies I have (broccoli is his favorite) or sweet potato sticks, maybe some leftover meat or a piece of cold cut turkey or ham. Supper is very similar to lunch except I usually give him what we have for supper with fruit.

When it’s naptime, I just put him in his crib, and he’s like a little magnet flipping over to the right side. He hunkers down on his tummy for his nap. He’s such a good baby!

Sometimes he lies on the little pillow in his bed. It’s actually Blair’s pillow, but he likes it.

cabbage harvest 051013 (149)

I’ve started baby sign with him, and he flaps his arms in the air when I ask him if he’s “all done.” I’m working on “more” right now.

He likes to lie back in the tub. When I sit him up, he throws his head back trying to lie back down. He also tries to put his face in the water and ends up sneezing every time!

fanilu's and cabbage baby 050513 (3)

This last week, he’s started making the car noise (like a raspberry sort of with humming) and he’s trying to imitate some words – like “yogurt.” No “mama” at all. He says “dada” but not for his daddy in particular.

Loud noises scare him, and this is usually just when Blair blurts something out in previous silence. It scares me too though!

10 months old 052013 (47)

He’s started cruising some, and he’ll tentatively push some toys while standing up. He’s not too interested in walking though, and I’m not complaining a bit! He’s growing up too fast for my taste anyway!

gigi's new kitty and playing 042413 (70)

Leighton, you are the sweetest, cuddliest little thing. I love your belly laughs when Blair plays with you, your hugs, your smile when I go in your room, the way you attack Gus, the way you put your head on my shoulder when you meet someone new, how you get your feelings so hurt when Blair is not sweet to you, and those blue eyes. You are learning so fast these days. You help put your clothes on, and you know that something happens at the end of 1 – 2 – 3. I’m looking for you to say “mama” any time now, but it hasn’t happened yet. Leighton, you are such a blessing to us. We are so proud of you and your sister; we love y’all so much!

Love, Mama and Dada