Thursday, April 11, 2013

Gus Update. He’s on the mend!

Gus spent the weekend after his surgery at the vet. We went to visit him Saturday morning on the way to our Easter egg hunt at my mom’s church.

photo 1

He was SO happy to see us. He was a little groggy – dilaudid will do that, you know! – but he was already feeling better. He didn’t want us to leave without him.

photo 3

The vet called both Saturday and Sunday with good updates. She told us that we could come visit again Monday morning. So we packed up and went back over to the vet (nothing is closer than 20 minutes away from Nowhereland).

gus visit then home 040113 (5)gus visit then home 040113 (10)gus visit then home 040113 (11)

We were so surprised to hear that they were sending him home! He had a cone of shame, or “crown” as Blair called it, because he had chewed out three IV catheters and was licking his stitches.

gus visit then home 040113 (17)Gus’ “crown”

gus visit then home 040113 (19)gus visit then home 040113 (20)

He came home with meds, a special diet, and a date with the vet on Friday.

gus visit then home 040113 (16)gus is home! 040113 (8)Happy to have him home!

stinky food 040213 (1)Blair trying not to smell his “stinky liver food.” She said, “Can I feed him without smelling it?!”

This week, he’s been great. He has not touched his incision at all. He was just bored to tears at the vet. And he knows when no one’s watching – that’s when he does his best counter surfing, pyrex dish prying, trash digging, sofa diving, and bed hopping! If we when out for a walk, I put the cone on him for the first day, but he was fine otherwise.

He was quickly back to his old begging self, perched under Leighton’s high chair for the smallest treat he can find.

begging gus 040213

The vet was pleased at one week post surgery last Friday, and she thinks all is well in there now. We started mixing in his regular food, and we added meds for kennel cough – ugh!

But he’s doing great and hanging out in all of his favorite places – the den rug, under the coffee table, and next to Blair’s bed.

hide and seek 040713 (1)hide and seek 040713 (2)hide and seek 040713 (7)

Playing hide and seek!

gus update still begging 040813 (3)Begging in the kitchen.

We made him a costume for the Dogwood festival. (It got rained out though!) Can you tell what he was?

gus smore 041513 (8)gus smore 041513 (9)

Thanks so much for your prayers!

outside and leightons first bye bye 041213 (68)

blair 040413 (2)