Sunday, April 21, 2013

Golf Carts Galore – It’s a Boca Grande thing.

Growing up, Boca Grande had golf carts. On the golf course. Now, almost every one living on the island has one to get around in, and they have a garage for it too! Then there are multiple golf cart rental outfits for visitors. In fact, when we called to get one for our trip, we had to call 5 places and found ONE golf cart available. Yikes!

Riding around this one small island in south Florida, one can get a full golf cart experience. Here is my cheesy little rhyme and my photo parade of carts!

There are ordinary carts,

pops 0313 (516)

And those for hire,

pops 0313 (531)

Some have wood grain,

pops 0313 (523)

And others fight fire.

pops 0313 (515)

Locals’ have blinkers,

pops 0313 (521)pops 0313 (522)

This one’s got eyes,

pops 0313 (526)

Vacationers’ seat six,

pops 0313 (598)

and there’s one in disguise!

pops 0313 (609)

This one’s a vintage,

pops 0313 (608)

and this one’s got style,

pops 0313 (519)

plug in while you eat, and drive for a while.

pops 0313 (633)

Everywhere there’s parking,

pops 0313 (632)

they’re lined up on the street,

pops 0313 (614)

Some ride around barking,

pops 0313 (615)

Some have stripes on the seat!

pops 0313 (616)

The carts have their own road,

pops 0313 (525)

Or they might fly in space?

pops 0313 (664)

They carry a load,

pops 0313 (422)

Or are tough in your face.

pops 0313 (529)

This one’s real nice,

pops 0313 (518)

This one sits high,

pops 0313 (517)

And some carry their beach stuff up in the sky!

pops 0313 (611)pops 0313 (612)

There are those that look Smart,

pops 0313 (517).JPG 2

And some are old school,

pops 0313 (524)

Some have to work,

pops 0313 (527)

But they’re all pretty cool!

All those pictures were taken in a short ride one afternoon. There’s no telling what I missed!


Candi James said...

That is so cute and funny and happy!!!