Monday, April 15, 2013

Georgia Boy Concert

This weekend my mom, sisters, and I got to go to Sanford Stadium for its first ever concert. We saw Jake Owen, Luke Bryan, and Jason Aldean put on a great show!


I can’t imagine how that felt having grown up as Georgia fans and getting to perform the first concert ever in their stadium. Pretty neat for those guys!

056Lots of people.

058 (2)060

After the two openers, Luke Bryan came on. He was great! We didn’t have bad seats, but in a stadium that huge, it’s hard to see one little person unless you’re right up on the floor!


Forget the lighters, now everyone breaks out their phone flashlight!


Even Josh…


The place was packed, and the concert was phenomenal. And I’m not one to brag on concerts! This was a great show.

079082Jason had a Kelly hologram. Lots of folks thought it was her!

Luke and Jason did their song together.


And then Ludacris came out for Dirt Road Anthem.


It really was worth all the pumping, getting home after 2am, feeling hung over the next day (I didn’t drink a drop of alcohol; I was just that tired!). And I guess it was worth it to be in Sanford Stadium. :) Brad can have his dawgs though; I’ll keep my Jackets.