Saturday, April 20, 2013

Fish Love

We have had fish for almost a year. The miracle is that I have only replaced them once – after the first week (knock on wood!). I don’t know that I’ve ever had fish this long.

Here are some pictures when we got them:

so proud of her fish 061312 (4)

so proud of her fish 061312 (8)

Blair loves these fish. She responsibly feeds them a couple of times a day and worries about them when we’re away.

blair loves her fish 041913 (3)

And they have names, of course. This is the best part.

Her tank loves:

  • Clown Fish the angel fish
  • Happy Face the black and white molly
  • Lemon the yellow tetra (original in June 12)
  • Dorothy the purple guppy
  • Ariel Sucker Fish the, you guessed it, sucker fish
  • Speedy the neon (original June 12)
  • Cookie and Big Bird the orange guppies (whose names change from those to Hank and John or Bert and Ernie)
  • and finally, Nemo the clown fish statue

I really can’t get over how much the angel fish has grown since we got him. He’s at least twice the size he was!

blair loves her fish 041913 (7)Not as clean as it used to be, but they’re happy!