Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Almost a Nickel.

Blair is four and half today. She’s about to go to school and be going more than she’s home. When she’s asking me 482 questions a minute, sometimes I wish she went to preschool, but I know that I will sure miss her every day come August.

GH match (2)

Speaking of school, we do a hit and miss letter of the day curriculum – pretty much when she wants to. Most of it is boring for her because she already knows all of the letters and how to write them. She can spell out many words if I help her sound them out. She craves learning and is so easy to teach. A really neat thing about Blair is how well she takes instruction. I think this is why she did so well in speech. When we play ball in the yard, I will give her little things she needs to do – don’t spin around when she swings, hold her bat up, hold her elbow up, etc. And she does it all. You can almost see her brain checking off all the things I told her to do. It’s really amazing. And this happens all the time – t-ball, speech, cooking, whatever we’re doing!

my beauty 031213 (9)

Right now she’s going to dance and playing t-ball. She still goes to Sunday school with us, but we’re talking about letting her go to her class soon. We’re also planning on Bible school this year. Although she’s been sick off and on this fall and winter, she’s handled everything well. We will still be cautious, but she will be in school soon anyway. If we could just get rid of that oxygen when she gets sick….

gus love 031913 (1)

She is so into counting right now. She wants to know what time and how long before we’ll be somewhere. If I tell her 20 minutes, she’ll say, “Ok, let’s count to 20.” So I explained to her that each minute has 60 counts, so now she wants to count to 60 all the time! And she is now even saying that she needs to count to 60 x times for x minutes. We usually get through about 1 1/2 minutes worth before she changes her mode. It goes like this, “…38, 39… I want GUS!”

bailey's bday party 032213 (22)She fit right in at a big girl birthday party recently!

She is getting better at riding her bicycle, and I wonder how long it will be before we adjust the training wheels!

growing up so independent 040713 (3)Washing her hair by herself.

She has her first t-ball game yesterday. We started the year saying she didn’t have to play next year if she didn’t want to, but she loves it. I teased her about not playing next year, and she said she wanted to play now.

Oh the Target star shirt. We want to wear this every day. And the fuzzy vest (that happens to be a 2T) that she didn’t like when we got it, but now she wants to wear it constantly!

next time don't forget the chocolate chips 031513 (10)

We’re still taking a nap from 2 – 4 or 4:30. We’re in a good spot where she’s okay if she doesn’t have it, but she takes one when we’re home. Mama likes naptime.

dizzy 040313 (3)She can spin away on the Sit ‘n’ Spin!

silly 040313 (4)Mommy being silly with her hearing aids.

We are going through a little hard-headed phase. She is sometimes slow to mind and disrespectful. We’re looking for her “number” to get her acting like she should. She doesn’t throw fits or have a temper, but she will tell me “no,” which is not acceptable. Time out and spanking don’t work too good. Taking her pacis away (she gets them for nap only) is somewhat effective, and I just started taking Gus away too. There is really nothing else she’s super attached to. She’s not a gamer, tv watcher, doll lover, etc. She likes to go outside, but that is not a good thing to take away. So we’re working on it.

She is so sweet to Leighton 95% of the time. Then she up and grabs a handful of his cheek and pinches it as hard as she can. Or she stomps on his hand. I’m thankful that this is not a regular thing; I have definitely addressed it in various ways (discipline, talking to her about hurting him, etc) each and every time it happens.


She’s my bread girl. She loves sandwiches, and while I’m fixing her one, she wants some “regular” bread… a piece of plain bread. And her Chick-fil-a order has changed to a “chicken hamburger” with no pickles and plenty of ketchup with a fruit cup or applesauce and chocolate milk. It’s the bread I think that made her swap from nuggets. She at almost an entire sandwich today!

mommy and me time 040513 (7)Barbie time with mommy.

We got out her clothes from last summer, and she can still wear the 18 month shorts! There is one pair of khaki ones that are too tight, but they were 12 months. I will happily buy her some more in a bigger size for this summer – yay for growing out of something! I buy her 4T tops, and they do fine on her.

outside 031313 (10)

This is one happy girl! And she’s growing up too fast.


Candi James said...

She is such a smart little girl. I am so happy that she is healthy and do so well. She IS A SMART GIRL and will do just fine in school. Love the pictures of her Ashlee.