Monday, April 22, 2013

A Boy’s Non-Toys

I guess I’ll learn boy as I go. Lately this non-toy thing is so funny to me. Here are some of Leighton’s favorite things to play with, ie put in his mouth.

The toilet.

002-001my toys 040413 (2)

The nose sucker.

008 (2)011 (2)

Hair brushes.

003 (2)

The dishwasher.

boy non toys 040713 (6)

The refrigerator.

boy non toys 040813 (4)


boy non toys 040613 (6)

The leashes.

boy non toys 040613 (1)boy non toys 040613 (2)

Gus’ food bowl.

boy non toys 040713 (2)boy non toys 040713 (4)

The trash.

001 (2)


Sunday, April 21, 2013

Golf Carts Galore – It’s a Boca Grande thing.

Growing up, Boca Grande had golf carts. On the golf course. Now, almost every one living on the island has one to get around in, and they have a garage for it too! Then there are multiple golf cart rental outfits for visitors. In fact, when we called to get one for our trip, we had to call 5 places and found ONE golf cart available. Yikes!

Riding around this one small island in south Florida, one can get a full golf cart experience. Here is my cheesy little rhyme and my photo parade of carts!

There are ordinary carts,

pops 0313 (516)

And those for hire,

pops 0313 (531)

Some have wood grain,

pops 0313 (523)

And others fight fire.

pops 0313 (515)

Locals’ have blinkers,

pops 0313 (521)pops 0313 (522)

This one’s got eyes,

pops 0313 (526)

Vacationers’ seat six,

pops 0313 (598)

and there’s one in disguise!

pops 0313 (609)

This one’s a vintage,

pops 0313 (608)

and this one’s got style,

pops 0313 (519)

plug in while you eat, and drive for a while.

pops 0313 (633)

Everywhere there’s parking,

pops 0313 (632)

they’re lined up on the street,

pops 0313 (614)

Some ride around barking,

pops 0313 (615)

Some have stripes on the seat!

pops 0313 (616)

The carts have their own road,

pops 0313 (525)

Or they might fly in space?

pops 0313 (664)

They carry a load,

pops 0313 (422)

Or are tough in your face.

pops 0313 (529)

This one’s real nice,

pops 0313 (518)

This one sits high,

pops 0313 (517)

And some carry their beach stuff up in the sky!

pops 0313 (611)pops 0313 (612)

There are those that look Smart,

pops 0313 (517).JPG 2

And some are old school,

pops 0313 (524)

Some have to work,

pops 0313 (527)

But they’re all pretty cool!

All those pictures were taken in a short ride one afternoon. There’s no telling what I missed!

Saturday, April 20, 2013

Fish Love

We have had fish for almost a year. The miracle is that I have only replaced them once – after the first week (knock on wood!). I don’t know that I’ve ever had fish this long.

Here are some pictures when we got them:

so proud of her fish 061312 (4)

so proud of her fish 061312 (8)

Blair loves these fish. She responsibly feeds them a couple of times a day and worries about them when we’re away.

blair loves her fish 041913 (3)

And they have names, of course. This is the best part.

Her tank loves:

  • Clown Fish the angel fish
  • Happy Face the black and white molly
  • Lemon the yellow tetra (original in June 12)
  • Dorothy the purple guppy
  • Ariel Sucker Fish the, you guessed it, sucker fish
  • Speedy the neon (original June 12)
  • Cookie and Big Bird the orange guppies (whose names change from those to Hank and John or Bert and Ernie)
  • and finally, Nemo the clown fish statue

I really can’t get over how much the angel fish has grown since we got him. He’s at least twice the size he was!

blair loves her fish 041913 (7)Not as clean as it used to be, but they’re happy!

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Maybe, just maybe?

I got a kid who looks like me a tiny bit? Maybe?!

baby ashlee (5)_thumbiphone 0413 (8)

boy non toys 040813 (4)

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

The Orange Tree House

Blair is getting better at riding her bike, and now that the weather is nice, we go out and about quite often.

outside and leightons first bye bye 041213 (76)We have the best neighborhood for riding bikes – reminds me of my Mema’s growing up!

When we were riding last week, I noticed some sort of fruit trees in the backyard of an empty house. They looked super interesting, so we walked over to check them out.

It turns out that there is some sort of orange tree – the oranges are super small and so sour they turn your mouth inside out! – and what I’ve now found is a loquat tree. There is also a fig tree ;).

Now when we ride, Blair wants to go to “the Orange Tree House.” And this child eats loquats!

outside and leightons first bye bye 041213 (78)outside and leightons first bye bye 041213 (79)outside and leightons first bye bye 041213 (80)outside and leightons first bye bye 041213 (81)outside and leightons first bye bye 041213 (82)

I read on wikipedia that they taste like a tangy mixture of peach, mango, and citrus, and that just about hits the nail on the head. They are quite yummy! I guess they are just about to the end of their “season” because they are getting overripe. Blair is going to be sad, but there is one other mystery tree that is blooming.

I have enjoyed teaching Blair about different plants and trees, so we’ll have to watch it to see what happens!