Monday, March 4, 2013

When Faegan comes to town.

When Faegan comes to town, we also come to town. Well, we at least leave nowhereland and go to more populated areas.

When Faegan comes to town, Blair anticipates her visit for days or even weeks. When is Faegan coming? How many night nights? When is Friday? Is it Friday yet? Where is Faegan? Where is Aunt Linnie? Is Uncle Ben coming? You really cannot fathom the questions this girl is capable of. There’s not a person who meets her who doesn’t comment on the incessant questionning!

gig's 030213 (5)I think part of Blair’s excitement is having someone to play with, but I think most of it has to do with the fact that she gets to be mama to not one but two babies – Faegan and Leighton!

gig's 030213 (8)

All of my siblings were in town for the weekend!

gig's 030213 (12)Leighton getting some air time with Uncle John.

gig's 030213 (18)Hank pushing Faegan on the trike that we rode as children – round and round and round at Mema’s.

Lin and Mom had a cookie event, so Ben and I entertained the children for part of Saturday. It was so cold, so we spent the day inside except for making a lunch appearance at the Peach Blossom Festival. Brrrr.

This did NOT happen on mine and Ben’s watch:

faegan in gigi's cake dye 030313 (5)Faegan decided she wanted to dye her hands, clothes, and mouth with icing color.

Saturday night, we had the last of the doves from the freezer with grits and biscuits for supper. My favorite meal!

Leighton didn’t eat so bad either.

blackberry man gigi's 030313 (18)

And he got to ride in the cozy coupe!

two in the coupe! gigi's 030313 (6)two in the coupe! gigi's 030313 (9)two in the coupe! gigi's 030313 (10)Who’s driving this thing… you or me?

two in the coupe! gigi's 030313 (11)

We had lots of play time!

gigi's 030313 (2)

And Blair always shares. :/

gigi's 030313 (5)gigi's 030313 (17)gigi's 030313 (20)gigi's 030313 (37)gigi's 030313 (25)

Already looking forward to next time!