Tuesday, March 19, 2013

We do Entertainment

We just have all kinds of entertainment going on in our house in the evenings.

Leighton eating anything is entertainment for us all, but I found out right quick tonight at supper what I can give him to keep him busy for a WHILE!

just give him corn 031913 (1)

This boy was some kind of possessive of his corn on the cob!

just give him corn 031913 (15)just give him corn 031913 (20)He tapped it with the right.

just give him corn 031913 (21)He tapped it with the left.

just give him corn 031913 (22)And he sucked on that thing like it was a bottle!

just give him corn 031913 (25)

He worked on this thing – breaking occasionally to spy and grab blueberries, ground beef, spinach, and blackberries – for a good 30 minutes. We’ll take it!

Meanwhile. The goofs (Brad and Blair) were entertaining themselves down the hall.

We had walked earlier, and Blair wanted to bring Buddy inside. She shut him up in her room. When you looked at her door, you could see shadows from his feet, right behind the door and ready to go.

So Brad decides to put some peanut butter on a wooden spoon to see if they could get his tongue to come out under the door. This is so the type of entertainment we see daily with these two!

just give him corn 031913 (18)just give him corn 031913 (19)

They were both laughing, Buddy got peanut butter, and they made a mess. Success in their book (and mama’s too except for cleaning up the messes)!


Unknown said...

Great picture - such an advertisement for baby led weaning!

Would love for you to link this and your other fab BLW posts up at the Friday Baby Shower - we're focused on weaning this week, Alice x