Friday, March 15, 2013

Tiny Toofy

Leighton was a tad on the fussy side yesterday, so I knew something was going on. And we woke up last night with a cold. A super snotty cold – yuck! And today he has a tooth! Bless his heart; he deserved to be fussy!

my man outside 031513 (11)I can barely see it, but I can feel it, and you can tell that his gum is white around where the tooth is pushing through. my man outside 031513 (11).JPG tooth

Doesn’t seem to be phasing Mr. Smiley today though!

my man outside 031513 (7)Giving Gus kisses!

my man outside 031513 (19)And Gus returns the favor!

my man outside 031513 (20)my man outside 031513 (21)

If he’s like Blair, he’ll just teeth away while playing, and we won’t even know until we look!


Candi James said...

How cute! he sure is growing Ashlee.