Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Three Dresses

I could have bought three dresses for Blair to wear this winter. I got her three Zuccini stripe dresses I had monogrammed with her initials. She would wear one every single day if she could. Every. Day.

We have the brown one.

play ball 021713 (21)

The red one – her favorite. (Faegan has them too. This makes the dresses extra cool to Blair. That and the fact that they have her monogram on them. She’s a southern girly girl for sure!)

gig's 030213 (7)

And the green one – mama’s favorite. (And I think this is about the last time we saw the navy bow. Don’t you hate that?!)

gigi's 010413 (4)

They weren’t but $20 each, so I would have saved me a lot of money if I’d known that’s all she needed! They have them for summer too, so we’ll have to see what color Miss Blair takes a fancy to!


Amy said...

LOVE those dresses! i bought the red one and had it monogrammed/appliqued for christmas. i loved it, but wished i hadn't done a christmas theme so my girls could wear it longer. blair looks adorable in her dresses. :)

Candi James said...

I love them all .... great pictures Ashlee.

Katie said...

I do the same thing! I will buy an abundance of clothes, then it seems we have 3 or 4 favorites that are just practical and NK wears them over and over and over again. I also hate that with bows. Those things are expensive and it seems we lose them all the time! It doesn't help that my Miss Priss pulls them out of her hair though :)