Thursday, March 14, 2013

The Teeniest T-baller

We had our first t-ball practice tonight. I walked up to the field and saw another team practicing. Oh, look at that boy team over there… they’ve got it all organized already… wait… that boy AND girl team… and that big big boy… hitting off OF A TEE!! Oh my. That is a team WE will play. Oh my. These kids are huge!

Then our team members started showing up for practice. And she’s the smallest one. It’s not even close. We know she’s small, but it’s not on a regular basis that I see her around a bunch kids her age – no school does that to you.  She’s pretty much the smallest (and oldest) in her dance class, but that’s all girls so there’s not a big difference. Most of the t-ball kids are older than her, but some were younger. They were all bigger. Much bigger.

first tball practice 031413 (1)Look how much smaller she is than those boys on the left!

Blair wasn’t sure about t-ball. I have told her that I wanted her to try it but she didn’t have to play next year if she didn’t like it. And she repeated that before we left for practice tonight. I think she was a bit apprehensive!

But she had a great time. The bats were too heavy, but she hit anyway. And she looked like a little pixie running around the bases… tip-toeing, really. She daintily floated around the bases with big boys passing her by. But she had fun.

And fun is good.

first tball practice 031413 (4)

She’ll catch on and get the shyness out in no time! She’ll be running circles around those big kids – she certainly has the energy for it!


Candi James said...

I am so happy that yall are letting her try these things!!! She seems to love everything she does! I have had the most fun watching her grow.