Friday, March 8, 2013

Really? The flu?!

So Tuesday morning, we played. Everything was fine. Then Blair got a little whiney, but I thought it was because she got in trouble. When we met Brad for lunch, we both knew something was wrong. She took an early nap, and she woke up throwing up. Ok, she’s got a stomach bug. No fever, no big deal. Then she went back to sleep. When she got up she had fever.

And then she said her back and neck hurt. And she was moaning. She felt horrible!

Of course it was like 5:30. I called her doctor, and he said to take her on to the urgent care clinic to see what it was. He said that they had not been seeing flu, but it was better to check it out with her being high risk.

So long story short, she tested positive for the flu. My whole body got hot. I was so scared.

But thanks to prayer, early diagnosis, and Tamiflu she felt better the next day. Oh, and “allergy-profen” (ibuprofen) or the “orange singulair” (chewable ibuprofen). I think it helps too, at least Blair thinks it does when she asks for it by name!

She is not herself, but she feels good enough to be busy! I’m trying to keep Leighton away from her, so while I’m feeding him or playing with him in his room, she’s entertaining herself.

She has been told to stay in her room or on the sofa, yet these are the type things she entertains herself with:

Painting the back of the kitchen door

flu frolics 030813 (1)

Bending a thermometer (digital) almost in half

Removing the batteries from this, that, and every device she can find

Spreading hand sanitizer on the coffee table (this will eventually go away with polish)

flu frolics 030813 (2)

Unfolding the laundry

Trying to clean the central air return filter with a paper towel

Unrolling tin foil in the kitchen

tin foil

Drawing on my Tervis Tumbler Masters coffee cup with a permanent marker

Doing unknown torturous things to Gus

And only sometimes watching TV or playing her LeapPad (if I’m lucky!).

She requested Dairy Queen for lunch, so after two days of being couped up we took a field trip. She at her usual: a cheeseburger with light blue mayonnaise, ketchup, cheese, and no sausage. To keep from having to deconstruct a cheeseburger, I order it with no patty, and they always ask me if I’m sure! Then she wanted a milkshake.


She said, “Mama, why they got that tomato on it?!”

This girl is nonstop, but I’m so thankful that she’s handling the flu! We sure appreciate everyone’s prayers for our sweet girl!


Anonymous said...

So glad she is doing better. And...are you serious about that DQ sandwich? Was it really just cheese, ketchup, and mayo?