Saturday, March 9, 2013

Out of the House

Saturday, Blair had not run any fever for a while and had really been feeling well enough to get in trouble since Thursday, so we took a little lunch outing to keep us all sane.

We headed over to M&T Meat Company’s 50th anniversary and customer appreciation day. M&T was cooking, and they had the folks from the Big Green Egg on hand with samples as well. Unfortunately I didn’t win the Big Green Egg they gave away. :(

m&t anniversary 030913 (2)

From the Big Green Egg, we tried some jalapeno poppers, grilled pineapple, pineapple crisp, grilled chicken, and the most divine shrimp stuffed bacon wrapped jalapeno peppers. OH. MY. M&T had yummy sausage dogs as well as two types of barbeque. I tried the Boudin sausage for the first time; it was very good!

m&t anniversary 030913 (5)Blair has ketchup on her barbeque sandwich of course.

After we made the tasting rounds, Mom picked up some meat. All hands were on deck for the big weekend. M&T is right on the Peaches to Beaches path too, so they had some major traffic this weekend.

m&t anniversary 030913 (8)m&t anniversary 030913 (10)

On the way home, we stopped by the monthly junior rodeo. We only stayed for about 10 minutes, but Blair enjoyed seeing some of the animals and horse riding.

It was a quick little trip but enough to get us out and about after being inside all week!

m&t anniversary 030913 (11)Wide open, mouth going 24/7!