Friday, March 29, 2013

MY Gus.

Gus is our hairiest child. I say he’s *my* Gus. So does Blair. He’s her best friend, so I guess she can claim him… every once in a while.

He slept in my bedroom from the time I got him until Blair fell in love with him. Every single night when I went to bed he would come up to the side of the bed and prop his head up on the mattress to tell me good night. I’d give him a good rub then he would make his way back to his bed and lie down. He still does it sometimes.

gig's 030213 (16)

He’s always with us. Inside, outside, Gigi’s, the ranger, the car, the pond…. And I can’t even count the pictures in which I can spot a brown foot or tail. Then there are the tons of pictures of him with the kids. Gus with jewelry, Gus with washcloth “saddles,” Gus being ridden, kissed, nearly tortured! They waller over him all day long! And he loves them to pieces.

gus's saddles 030413“Saddles”

leighton's advair 030513 (3)Brown foot!

Gus had to have semi-emergency surgery today. I have been worried sick. He was not feeling well when we got home from Pop’s Wednesday night. And he wouldn’t eat. This is really, really odd. Gus eats everything. Gus comes running when I crinkle a bag in the kitchen. Gus eats paper towels with bacon grease on them. Gus not eating = something very wrong. And he vomited all over my house. Bless his heart; he thought he was in trouble.

gus ball 030813 (3)

I talked to the vet that evening, and we decided I could take him in first thing Thursday. He was super dehydrated, so they started an IV, did labs, and took x-rays. There was nothing remarkable. The vet said we would consider a barium study if he wasn’t better today. I called an checked on him twice this morning, and no one called me back until later this afternoon when it was almost too late to do a contrast study. Saying that she should have called earlier, the vet agreed to do it since he was no better. And she saw something abnormal in the intestine. So exploratory surgery it was.

gus love 031913 (1)

We all packed in and raced over to the vet to see Gus. I didn’t want him to go to surgery thinking we had abandoned him. When I dropped him off yesterday, he leaned against me as the tech tried to take him and looked at me as if he were saying, “Mom, please. Please don’t do this.”

what's for breakfast BLW 030813 (24)Showing him where to eat Leighton’s leftovers.

At 9pm, the vet called. They found a plastic grocery bag with some food in it. Part of it was stuck in the stomach and part had traveled down 2 - 3 ft and had accordioned the intestine around it. There was a intestinal perforation and a part in the intestine that was really aggravated, but they weren't able to remove it because of the location. So there are several things they will be watching over the next week before he is out of the woods.

iphone awesome 001

I know I will have to say goodbye one day. But Blair doesn’t quite understand that he won’t be with us forever. She just knows he belongs next to her every night!

gus advair 031913Gus’ Advair.

So we are praying that he does well and that we get to bring him home in a few “night nights.” I’m already missing the “tink tink” of his nails on the floor as he comes to see what I’m doing. I sure love my dog.

hopscotch and smiles 012413 (73)


Jen said...

SO sorry Ashlee!!! Our pup just had emergency surgery also and I was a wreck. Hopefully they can get him well again quick. I can't imagine....his poor tummy :(

Julia said...

Oh Ash! Loosing McKenz last summer was one of the hardest things Stephen and I have ever been through, and we, like you, have seen some hard things. I wouldn't wish that on anyone. I am so glad they were able to find out what was causing his problems. Hopefully he will be back to good as new and home where he belongs in no time!

Candi James said...

Ashlee, I don't know how I missed this post. I know he is okay now though. But this was the sweetest post ever. Gus is just the perfect dog and I lovvvvveee to see you live with him in it!! Pictures are great!