Monday, March 18, 2013

It’s chicken math.

Well, I started with 9 chickens way back a few years ago, and even though I’ve lost a few here and there, I still now have more than I began with. It’s chicken math. I always just want one other breed. But now that mom has chickens, this chicken math has got my kitchen overflowing with eggs!

Right now I have a variety of my favorite breeds: 3 cochins, 3 speckled sussex, 2 production reds, 2 easter eggers, 2 buff orpingtons, a barred rock, a wyandotte, and a black australorp. One of the easter eggers and the australorp are the only ones left from my big flock from 2 years ago. The rest I got last spring, and I’ve only lost one. But I haven’t been letting them out.

Since we’ve been spending a lot of the day outside, I let them out for a bit this afternoon. I’m happy for them to enjoy making holes in the leaves in the woods behind our house. And I just love watching them.

chickens out 0313 (38)Making a few holes!

The rooster is very watchful over his girls.

chickens out 0313 (1)

He called them while I was standing there, and they huddled up around him.

chickens out 0313 (3)

The speckled Sussex are the sweetest.

chickens out 0313 (9)In this picture there is a production red, buff cochin, grey easter egger, buff orpington, white easter egger, and barred rock.

chickens out 0313 (13)Pretty buff cochin

chickens out 0313 (16)Pretty man

chickens out 0313 (25)Cochin bottoms are fluffy!

chickens out 0313 (33)Grey cochin

Hopefully I can keep letting them out without losing any. We’ll take it slow!