Wednesday, March 20, 2013

8 Months

leighton 8 months 032013 (68)

The Leightonater is 8 months old. Sigh.

leighton 8 months 032013 (63)

Leighton, you have not changed your happy little self at all. You’re still happy, smiling, and laid back. And you love your mama. You really love everybody though. Especially Blair. You laugh at her when she just looks at you.

blair pics 031013 (4)

You weigh close to 18 pounds. You’re in size 9 months clothes, inching to 12. You wear size 3 diapers. I bought you size 2 shoes for the summer. And you got your first tooth last week – on the bottom left. You’re in your new carseat and liking it as far as I can tell.

playing at home 030713 (12)

We are considering two long naps, but we’re not there yet. Some days you go down an hour after waking, take a long nap, are up for a few hours, and take another long nap. Sometimes, you take two short naps in the morning and one longer nap in the afternoon. You go to bed around 8. You still get up around 3am to eat. I don’t have the heart to let you cry.

leighton at gigi's 030213 (4)

You love food. I even had to back off on feeding you in the high chair, because you backed off on your milk drinking! I had added lunch to the variable breakfast and supper schedule, and it was too much. So now we skip lunch. I also decreased what I give you at breakfast. Now you get a little fruit (not unlimited strawberries!) and 1/2 a YoBaby yogurt. You LOVE yogurt. You whine for food in general but especially yogurt! At supper, I give you some of what we have and some fruit. I let you eat whatever you want in the evening. Last night you had some hamburger steak, spinach, blackberries, blueberries, and a corn on the cob. You were so happy!

blair feeds leighton 031313 (1)

I always nurse you before giving you food. And you still don’t get food every single day. You’ve gotten so good at eating though! You prefer your left hand at this point, and you’re pretty good at getting things with your thumb and index finger. You’re so cute chewing with your gums!

You’re crawling fast, pulling up, and thinking about cruising, letting go, and standing on your own.

just playing 031913JPG (16)

Bathtime is a favorite, and you usually take one with Blair in the big tub. She doesn’t like you to have anything. She wants whatever you pick up to play with. We’re working on it though. You like to suck on the washcloth. And you laugh when I bathe your feet :). You’re the most ticklish baby I’ve ever seen!

gus lovin 031113 (4)You scrunch your nose like Blair did!

You dance and know who Gus is when asked, “Where’s Gus?” One of your favorite games is “get ‘im!” -- I take your arms and pretend to grab Gus (or anyone). You laugh so hard!

You love the jumper. I take it outside sometimes, and you jump away while watching the dogs run around. You like pat a cake and peekaboo. I would say your favorite things to play with are Scout, a rainstick, and rings. You love chewing on anything though.

toys we love 030713 (9)You love the rainstick. You like to chew on it and push it on the floor.

play and crawl 030713 (20)You also love balls.

Mommy likes to rock you sometimes, and you but your head on my shoulder when you’re tired. You go to sleep on your own though for most any nap and at bedtime. I couldn’t rock Blair, so I’m glad I get to rock you sometimes.

swingin sweeties 031213 (3)You love outside.

Tapping is your way of exploring things. You tap, tap on all sorts of stuff. And sometimes you use your mouth like Blair did. Of course, you give things kisses too!

swingin sweeties 031213 (10)

You are really exploring different sounds. Gawa, baba, guh, duh, mmmmma, aba, etc. I haven’t heard any words though!

You are mommy’s joy. You are so easy going and fun. I love walking into your room and seeing you standing up in your crib, instantly smiling your big, open smile when you see me. Melts my heart. I love you, my Leighton-bo!

happy playful one! 030613 (7)


Candi James said...

How sweet and the pictures are so good. I think it is wonderful that you are chronicling their lives! You are a great mama!