Saturday, February 23, 2013


After our fort building jammie day, we headed to the Georgia National Rodeo for the evening.

This was Blair’s second rodeo, and she has looking forward to it all year. She’s been talking about horses “flipping” since we left the rodeo last February. She loved the bucking horses!

I got this picture of her last year – a favorite of mine!

Georgia national rodeo (7)

And this year, we brought Leighton too!

rodeo 022213 (65)

Brad got to come with us as well. We met my parents for Mexican beforehand.

rodeo 022213 (10)

Molly’s friend barrel raced!

rodeo 022213 (13)

We really enjoyed the rodeo last year, but I think the entertainment was even better this time.

rodeo 022213 (15)Sleeping horse.

Really neat horse trainer and his horse who loads in a pickup among many other things – voice and hand commands.

rodeo 022213 (31)rodeo 022213 (32)rodeo 022213 (37)

rodeo 022213 (46)rodeo 022213 (47)rodeo 022213 (48)

The clown was really funny again too.

rodeo 022213 (57)

And of course, the rodeo events were fun to watch!

rodeo 022213 (59)

rodeo 022213 (24)Gigi and the babies.

rodeo 022213 (29)Good sugar.

rodeo 022213 (3)Blair was wired.

rodeo 022213 (6)

She’s already asking when we can go back!


Candi James said...

Fun times and great pictures!

Candi James said...

Fun times and great pictures!