Sunday, February 24, 2013

This girl is Southern.

Blair is southern with a capital “S.” She’s country to even the country folk! Her little accent makes people smile, and I love it! There are no one syllable words in this girl’s vocabulary!

And as long as she uses proper subject-verb agreement and knows the correct forms of the past participles, the accent is fine by me! (I’m serious about the grammar. :) I fight that battle.)

Here’s a video of her saying some words – mostly one syllable words that she makes into two. And some rhyming. She’s really into rhyming right now.

Translation: Blay-er (Blair), flow-a (floor), doe-wa (door), hay-and (hand), bay-ed (bed).


Mamie said...

Hilarious! And, I can't help but just beam over the l and s blends ... I tried to not focus on it, but it didn't work, so I had to watch it twice and just feel really impressed and proud :) And rhyming words is a 5y/o language milestone. Ok, no more I swear! Miss seeing you guys!

Candi James said...

Love this - so so funny! I am very proud of her Ashlee! Her speech is so good and rhyming is GREAT!