Sunday, February 17, 2013

Sunday at home.

After yesterday’s whirlwind trip to Atlanta for the circus, we were glad to be home today! We went to Sunday school this morning and came back home to just be!

mr smiles 021713 (2)No complaints from Mr. Smiley!

sibling pics and leighton crawling 021713 (3)

sibling pics and leighton crawling 021713 (8)sibling pics and leighton crawling 021713 (38)

I did laundry and fixed lunch as well as a chicken pie for supper while Brad and Blair played outside. I got to join them for a quick game of baseball. Blair and I have been playing with a tee, but today I pitched her balls – she did an amazing job at hitting them! She watches the ball so well!

play ball 021713 (31)play ball 021713 (32)play ball 021713 (33)play ball 021713 (34)

We also played hopscotch. Hopscotch is not all that easy!

gus plays hopscotch 021713 (21)

I had to give Gus a bath because he and Buddy went on a dead animal tour yesterday – yuck!

During nap, Brad and I watched Hope Springs. It was cute! Then, we headed back outside after naptime for a trip around the neighborhood. Blair and Brad rode their bikes, and I pushed the stroller and wrestled Buddy on the leash. Gus stayed home because it’s hard to handle two huge dogs, a stroller, and a 4 year old yelling, “you got me?!”

Tonight I watched Downton Abbey’s season 3 finale. I had not been spoiled yet, and I was certainly surprised! So disappointing! Revenge was good stuff too tonight!