Wednesday, February 13, 2013

She’s the best.

Every time I sit down to write one of these Blair posts, I smile from ear to ear. This girl is the best. She’s smart and funny and loving and busy and sweet. And she tries me regularly! But I love her so much it makes me tear up. And then she says something that’s so her, and I love her even more.

gigi's 010513 (60)In the car (one of her main thinking spots!):

Mama, why did your mommy and daddy name you mama?

They didn’t name me mama, they named me Ashlee Ellen.

Can I call you Ashlee Ellen?

Lately she belts from the bed “Grand Old Flag.” And I caught her with the door to her room closed singing to her baby doll. She wouldn’t let me video her though!

playing and almost sitting 010913 (35)

Mama, what’s A-merry-ca?

Going to a birthday party after she picked out her clothes: Mama, do you thing E will LOVE my clothes?!

She says that Gus has magic because he can open doors. When we play hiding seek, we put him in a room to go hide, and she cracks the door “so he can use his magic to get out and come find us.” He really does open her bedroom door even if it’s closed though.

family day outside 020313 (26)

She puts Gus in a “kennel” wherever she can make one… like with the coffee table for example. He lies under there anyway, but she took laundry baskets, toys, toy boxes, etc and lined them all the way up around the coffee table to trap him in “his kennel.” And she got in too.

blair outside 020413 (9)The boss.

She is all knees and elbows jumping on me at 6am.

She is learning to rhyme. She points out words… bed, bread, bed, bread… Mama, that rhymes! Bed, bread, bed, bread… Mama G’s and Gigi? Does that rhyme?

blair outside 020413 (2)She likes Leighton’s swing.

She likes jelly on her eggs and peanut butter toast.

She uses words like “actually” and “shoot” and phrases like “good gracious,” “oh my gosh,” and “I decided.” (Blame most of those on mama!)

blair outside 020413 (1)

She is obsessed with new and old. Is this new? Is it old? Is it brand new? When will it be old? When was I new? Is Leighton new? Is he brand new? When will he be old?

blair outside 020413 (15)

Plublix, plobably. She makes words harder to say than they’re supposed to be!

Elevator = “advair”

In the car after dance:

Me: Ooh Blair, mommy has to potty!

B: I’ll let you go when we get to Plublix, okay?!


Jan said...

She makes me smile EVERY day!! Love her to pieces!

Candi James said...

This post has me smiling ear to ear too! How Funny she really is!!!! I wish I could hear hear say all of those things. She is growing up so fast isn't she. I loveeee that first picture of that cutie pie!!!Your day is so full of joy because of that sweetness!