Friday, February 22, 2013

Rain Day Fort Building

Today it rained most all day. And it rained two other days last week. It’s been a long time since it has rained like this… and boy did we need it! I took the cooped up time to introduce Blair to a fort.

She put the finishing touches with her blankets.

rainday fort 022213 (2)We wore our jammies almost all day.

rainday fort 022213 (4)Little man was under foot.

rainday fort 022213 (5)The finished product. The entire den. The back part had a nice big place to sit in, and there were two tunnels to crawl out of on either side of the coffee table.

We played games and sat up under the big part with Leighton and Gus.

rainday fort 022213 (9)rainday fort 022213 (8)rainday fort 022213 (18)

Blair has a cold. This is her attempt at using the pipe – oh, how she wants to use the pipe! But she forgets to breathe through her mouth, she talks and talks…. So we try it, and if she talks at all she has to swap to the mask. I cannot explain how hard this is for her – the not talking part, I mean! This time, she made it through the whole treatment for the first time!

rainday fort 022213 (19)

Look at this ridiculous dog. I had not seen him do this for a while -- until recently. He’s been on a diet, so now he can calf tie himself again.

rainday fort 022213 (24)rainday fort 022213 (25)

We had our games stashed under the coffee table.

rainday fort 022213 (27)

Lots of room under there! We had fun!

rainday fort 022213 (30)


Candi James said...

I sure hope she is feeling better now! I just love to see what Blair's days are like! Leighton just has no clue what is ahead for him and ....Gus....well he is will do whatever - whenever!! Cute pics.