Saturday, February 9, 2013

Party Party

Today we had two birthdays! Blair has not been to many birthday parties… I’d say fewer than 5… so she sure is excited when she gets to go to one.

Today we went over to the Museum of Aviation for a neighbor’s party.

everett's 6th birthday 020913 (98).JPG cropeverett's 6th birthday 020913 (99)

We took a quick look around the museum. She liked the airplanes, but she’s too busy for a tour!

everett's 6th birthday 020913 (8)

Blair talked it up to everyone. Surprise, surprise. And when it came time to open gifts, she was the Vanna White of the party. She got every single gift one by one from the gift table, took them to the birthday boy, then took the gift back to the table after it was open. She was beside herself with excitement about this “mom-like” task she got to do. She is a little mama, you know!

everett's 6th birthday 020913 (43)everett's 6th birthday 020913 (52)

Everyone loved the dragon. And Blair noticed right away that her cousin has one!

everett's 6th birthday 020913 (72)

Leighton loved how it made noise.

everett's 6th birthday 020913 (82)

But he especially loved the nose – which he sucked on!

everett's 6th birthday 020913 (94)everett's 6th birthday 020913 (93)everett's 6th birthday 020913 (91)

Blair ate two pieces of cake, so I called Brad on the way home and told him I was bringing her to him – she would be just right (super wired!) about the time we got home. Ha!

everett's 6th birthday 020913 (21)everett's 6th birthday 020913 (86)

We really went right to Grandmom’s to celebrate my nephew’s birthday. We got to play for a while, then we had supper and opened gifts.

jordan's birthday 020913 (8)There’s our two pieces of cake!

jordan's birthday 020913 (20)jordan's birthday 020913 (30)jordan's birthday 020913 (37)Vannah

jordan's birthday 020913 (40)Leighton was a trooper all day today! Yes, Santa jammies! They still fit, so he might as well wear them!

My nephew played one of the songs he’s been working on in piano!

jordan's birthday 020913 (44)

We are birthday’d out today! It was a lot of fun though!


Candi James said...

Sorry that I missed y'all coming to the Museum!!! I think you went insdie the C130 airplane too didn't you. Great pictures!!!!