Sunday, February 3, 2013

Our Days

Our days at home are much the same… We wake up, and the kids and I hang out in the bed. We play. I feed Leighton. He sleeps. We fix breakfast and play. Leighton wakes up. I feed him. We go outside. We have lunch. We nap (well, not me). We go outside. We fix supper. And so on. And I try to do housework in there somewhere.

the baby 020113 (2)The baby wannabe.

leighton loves gus 020113 (1)leighton loves gus 020113 (4)

I’ve got another Gus lover on my hands!

Blair says funny things. She loves on Leighton and squeezes him a bit too hard. I fight Leighton turning over on the changing pad. Leighton beams at Blair and Gus. Blair runs around like a wild woman.

sibling love 020113 (5)

This is our day. Most every day. And it’s great!

We go places sometimes, but it’s a production to really go do something. We are so far from everywhere, we just don’t get to go do like I like!

Small town is good too. Sunday after church, our family usually finds something to do. The Mexican buffet is yummy. We love that! And there are lots of tiny little soul food places to go around here – some of them are in convenience stores! Blair likes to play outside. Last week, we went bike riding. I pushed the stroller and helped Blair while Brad rode his bike.

Sunday family day 012713 (2)

Riding bikes reminds me of growing up. We kept our bikes at Memas, and we rode all over the place. Our neighborhood is much like hers was. This Sunday, we rode to the Dollar General. Our largest store. We got Gus and Buddy a bone each, so Blair sat on the porch and watch Gus eat his.

Sunday family day 012713 (5)

Leighton played while sister napped.

Sunday family day 012713 (10)

Friday we had company. The granddaughter of a friend of ours came over to play, and then Blair went to her house for a bit. They had fun!

natalie visits 020113 (3)Blair has the glider down pat!

natalie visits 020113 (12)The roller coaster is a hit with everyone.

natalie visits 020113 (23)natalie visits 020113 (25)

Blair still needs help with the monkey bars, but she’s getting better!

Sunday, we played outside again.

family day outside 020313 (6)family day outside 020313 (1)

Look at this ham! She wanted her picture taken with Gus.

family day outside 020313 (26)family day outside 020313 (28)

We practiced catching and throwing the ball. I think Blair is going to play t-ball this year!

This week Mr. Leighton sat in the tub by himself. I have let Blair hold him a few times, but how he is sitting well enough to be in there as long as there’s not much water. He loves it.

first bath sitting up by himself 020213 (6)

I’m back to the office this week and back to exercising. Pretty uneventful, but it’s our life!


Christi Sheridan Stewart said...

If you weren't such a busy Mom, I would suggest Gus have his own blog with tales from his perspective. He seems to be the best fur friend any child could have. I love the photos and keeping up with your precious family. Always brings a smile!

Candi James said...

Loved this post!!! It is so funny with Gus laying on the blankie!!! He is a perfect pet for those babies! What a beautiful life your family shares with eachother!