Wednesday, February 6, 2013

On the move… times two!

We are on the move around here today – two times over. Leighton is officially crawling, and Blair had her last speech therapy visit! Yay!

Blair’s “official” speech therapist released her back before Thanksgiving, but we have continued to go to the local school for speech (when we haven’t been sick which has been several weeks since). Lately though, the therapist hasn’t had much to work on with Blair. They started with “z,” but that’s not really age appropriate for her to worry about yet, so we’re done! I can’t believe it. I thought she would be in speech for years and years – until she was in middle school or something. It’s just amazing to see prayers answered. We’ll definitely keep a watch on her for problems that may arise as she gets older.

And Mr. Six and Half Months old is on the move too! He has been revving it up for well over a month now, so we knew it was coming. He’s still in the stage where he won’t really try if he thinks it’s too far, but for something close, he’s crawling for it.

001crawling boy 020613 005He looks too little to crawl!

He’s making progress eating too. Today we went to Golden Corral with Brad and Andad, and Leighton tore up some kiwi. I also gave him bell pepper and noodles. He did so good! He mostly plays with what I give him. He does like to suck on fruit though. He’s doing a little coughing and gagging when he gets pieces in his mouth, but he’s learning.

golden corral 020613 (2)golden corral 020613 (4)Not so happy when he dropped it.

golden corral 020613 (9)

He’s also had avocado, banana, sweet potato, and strawberry. Strawberry is his favorite. Besides the chicken leg I gave him. He liked that too! He’s his daddy’s boy, I guess!