Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Down the hatch.

We have had major eating going on around here this past week! All of a sudden, Leighton has gotten the hang of food. We are still playing and learning, but he’s doing more than just looking at it now – which is what he did for the first two weeks!

It started with a strawberry that he sucked nearly all of the juice out of. I punctured it with a fork, and he went to town!

strawberry boy 020713 (4)

Then he got a hold of a half a kiwi. I think this is his favorite so far. He has eaten a whole half on several occasions. And it’s so crazy that he’ll suck all of the fruit off of the skin but doesn’t eat the skin! How does he know to do that?!

eatin boy 021513 (4)

He also loves sweet potato. He ate a whole wedge (I roast them in the oven.) and a half a kiwi one night this week.

sweet potatoes 012413 (15)sweet potato or fabric 013013 (4)

But he still likes fabric and paper! I have to fight him for the napkin when I wipe his face and hands! He gets upset because I won’t let him eat it.

sweet potato or fabric 013013 (7)

He did pretty good with broccoli…

broccoli 021213 (5)

And pear. He bit it right off – with no teeth!

first pear 021313 (5)

And he loooooves yogurt. That was Blair’s main food group for, um, several years. It’s almost still her main food group!

iphone awesome 002iphone awesome 004iphone awesome 006

We’ve tried blueberries a few times, but he’s got to get some practice with those! Surprisingly though, he can pick them up with his fingers!

blueberry! 021513 (3)

I made Blair’s baby food for the first several months, and Baby Led Weaning is certainly easier. Leighton is getting the same flavors (or more) without all the pureeing I was doing. Blair went through a picky stage, but now she will eat most anything we give her. I hope Leighton will be the same!

We’re not rushing anything though. I still nurse him first before giving him food. We want to do things slowly – he’s growing way too fast for mama!


A Peach and A Jeep said...

Ashley, we love yogurt too and both my kids preferred food to baby food. I just made homemade yogurt in the crockpot (super easy) and it is SO much better than store bought and you can individually flavor each serving. I know you like to cook and create, so that might be something right up your alley.

barbara woods said...

i started following your blog after they put that write up in either ga. mag. or our n.ga. electic mag. i think it was ga. mag. i have always loved keeping up with blair and now her little brother. i have 24 grandkids and 9 greatgrands

Candi James said...

Those pictures are precious! Yes he is growing so fast....seems like yesterday he was being born.