Saturday, February 16, 2013

Big Top Fun

At Easter last year, Blair’s circus Kidsongs movie she got began the circus obsession. And now, a year later, we have come full circle with the year of the circus. We have circus birthday’d and trick or treated as a happy face lion tamer. Today we saw the circus!

circus fun 021613 005

We made the drive to Atlanta for Ringling Brothers and Barnum & Bailey’s Dragons. It was really good! (And we had amazing seats thanks to a friend of my mom’s!) Blair was the only kid there running laps around her seat in the auditorium (bless her heart, she cannot be still), but she liked it and wants to go back.

Dragons included her favorite acts: happy faces, the lion tamer, and the trapeze. It would have been perfect if RBB&B had sung Put on a Happy Face, He’s the Lion Tamer, and The Flying Trapeze to go with the acts just like Kidsongs! And Polly Wolly Doodle!

circus fun 021613 001

We got there just in time to catch the end of the preshow. Blair said her favorite part was “jumping” – dancing in the preshow with the clowns. I wish we had been there for all of it, but we’ll know next time. We tried, but it was a stretch to leave any earlier.

circus fun 021613 004circus fun 021613 008circus fun 021613 009

They started out with horses, which was really amazing, and then lions and tigers – so neat! The clowns were pretty funny, but some of the humor was above Blair’s head.

circus fun 021613 010circus fun 021613 014

At intermission, Blair talked her daddy into a cotton candy hat. It fit Leighton just right! Ha! He did love the circus though. He watched until he got sleepy, and he too 2 naps in all of that noise!

circus fun 021613 016circus fun 021613 018Glued to the trapeze act.

I loved the trapeze and wished it had been a longer act.

circus fun 021613 025circus fun 021613 026I also wanted more of the three ring part: domestic cats, dogs, and horses. There was so much going on at one time that I couldn’t watch it all!

circus fun 021613 028Kitty on the parallel bars!

circus fun 021613 032A Siamese umping through a hoop.

The elephants were so pretty!

circus fun 021613 039circus fun 021613 038

Blair clapped and clapped for the motorcycles in the big ball – 8 of them!!

Of course there was a dragon too!

circus fun 021613 040

It was a great day!


Candi James said...

Fun Family Times!

Amy said...

so fun! we're going in a few weeks for the first time and libbi is not really sure what to expect. i showed her these pictures and now she is much more excited! hope she feels the same way once we're there! :)