Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Baby Boy, Baby Blues

I didn’t hire anyone to take pictures of Leighton at 6 months, so I sat him out in the front yard just like I used to do with Blair. I only needed a couple of satisfactory ones to make me happy, and I like how these turned out!

I wonder if he’s going to keep these baby blues.

6 month pics 020413 (10)

We had to use Gus since Leighton loves him so – and he had the outfit to match!

6 month pics 020413 (19)

6 month pics 020413 (6)


Unknown said...

Good job Ash! He is a good lookin little man!

Candi James said...

You did a great job Ashlee! Leighton with Gus is my favorite!!! That boy sure has beautiful eyes! Ash how old is Gus?