Friday, February 8, 2013

A run, run, run…

Today was one of those days. Blair and I got our hair cut this morning. And I had to get mine colored. I don’t have the gray my mom had at my age, but I have enough!

haircut 020713 (1)haircut 020713 (3)

Then, Leighton was a little fussy, so I ran him by the doctor. I know that’s weird. But he’s not usually fussy. Since he just got over a cold, I thought he might have an ear infection. And he does.

And the doctor asked me how old Blair was. His next comment: “She has A LOT of energy. At least she’s polite about it.” Ha.

Then we ran home to take a non-nap. We really got home too late to nap, but I needed a moment. Oh, don’t you just love those days? Blair came out of her room approximately every 5 minutes asking what time she could get up.

So we went outside!

Leighton loved on Gus.

love and gus 020813 (2)love and gus 020813 (3)love and gus 020813 (4)love and gus 020813 (24)

Blair loved on Leighton… and Gus.

love and gus 020813 (8)love and gus 020813 (27)outside and eating leaves 020813 (6)

Blair and I played tball. Sister can hit the ball!

tball 020813 (2)

Blair commanded Gus to get on her roller coaster.

gus and the coaster 020813 (39)

Leighton ate leaves.

outside and eating leaves 020813 (17)outside and eating leaves 020813 (20)outside and eating leaves 020813 (21)

Blair pushed Leighton in the swing. “Don’t pinch (peench) your little fingers!” She says as she snaps him in.

sister swinger 020813 (2)

Then I took Blair for a bike ride around the block before we came back home for baths!

I had put a roast in the oven for supper, so as soon as Brad got home, we ate and got Miss No Nap in bed! On no nap days, she is especially wired -- trying not to crash, I guess!

Whew… now I need a nap!


Candi James said...

Ms. No Nap hahahhahaha....Love the pictures!!!!