Monday, February 25, 2013

No Breast Milk Baby required.

Forget a special doll! All you need is mama’s boppy, nursing bra, and a any old baby!

Blair has not really been a doll lover, but she does try to be like mommy sometimes. Today this is how I found her.

little mama nursing 022313 (1)

She swiped my bra out of my room and had that thing ON! And she did NOT want me to take pictures!

little mama nursing 022313 (2)little mama nursing 022313 (3)

Sweet girl! She’s such a little mama.

little mama nursing 022313 (5)

Sunday, February 24, 2013

This girl is Southern.

Blair is southern with a capital “S.” She’s country to even the country folk! Her little accent makes people smile, and I love it! There are no one syllable words in this girl’s vocabulary!

And as long as she uses proper subject-verb agreement and knows the correct forms of the past participles, the accent is fine by me! (I’m serious about the grammar. :) I fight that battle.)

Here’s a video of her saying some words – mostly one syllable words that she makes into two. And some rhyming. She’s really into rhyming right now.

Translation: Blay-er (Blair), flow-a (floor), doe-wa (door), hay-and (hand), bay-ed (bed).

Saturday, February 23, 2013


After our fort building jammie day, we headed to the Georgia National Rodeo for the evening.

This was Blair’s second rodeo, and she has looking forward to it all year. She’s been talking about horses “flipping” since we left the rodeo last February. She loved the bucking horses!

I got this picture of her last year – a favorite of mine!

Georgia national rodeo (7)

And this year, we brought Leighton too!

rodeo 022213 (65)

Brad got to come with us as well. We met my parents for Mexican beforehand.

rodeo 022213 (10)

Molly’s friend barrel raced!

rodeo 022213 (13)

We really enjoyed the rodeo last year, but I think the entertainment was even better this time.

rodeo 022213 (15)Sleeping horse.

Really neat horse trainer and his horse who loads in a pickup among many other things – voice and hand commands.

rodeo 022213 (31)rodeo 022213 (32)rodeo 022213 (37)

rodeo 022213 (46)rodeo 022213 (47)rodeo 022213 (48)

The clown was really funny again too.

rodeo 022213 (57)

And of course, the rodeo events were fun to watch!

rodeo 022213 (59)

rodeo 022213 (24)Gigi and the babies.

rodeo 022213 (29)Good sugar.

rodeo 022213 (3)Blair was wired.

rodeo 022213 (6)

She’s already asking when we can go back!

Friday, February 22, 2013

Rain Day Fort Building

Today it rained most all day. And it rained two other days last week. It’s been a long time since it has rained like this… and boy did we need it! I took the cooped up time to introduce Blair to a fort.

She put the finishing touches with her blankets.

rainday fort 022213 (2)We wore our jammies almost all day.

rainday fort 022213 (4)Little man was under foot.

rainday fort 022213 (5)The finished product. The entire den. The back part had a nice big place to sit in, and there were two tunnels to crawl out of on either side of the coffee table.

We played games and sat up under the big part with Leighton and Gus.

rainday fort 022213 (9)rainday fort 022213 (8)rainday fort 022213 (18)

Blair has a cold. This is her attempt at using the pipe – oh, how she wants to use the pipe! But she forgets to breathe through her mouth, she talks and talks…. So we try it, and if she talks at all she has to swap to the mask. I cannot explain how hard this is for her – the not talking part, I mean! This time, she made it through the whole treatment for the first time!

rainday fort 022213 (19)

Look at this ridiculous dog. I had not seen him do this for a while -- until recently. He’s been on a diet, so now he can calf tie himself again.

rainday fort 022213 (24)rainday fort 022213 (25)

We had our games stashed under the coffee table.

rainday fort 022213 (27)

Lots of room under there! We had fun!

rainday fort 022213 (30)

Thursday, February 21, 2013

A “Regular” Pink Pig

Brad and I took Blair to her first pig show this week. She loved it. It was a small show, which worked out great for the resident busy body.

We went early and looked at the pigs. It was the county 4H show in preparation for the Junior Livestock shows during rodeo week, so it was really laid back, and we knew most everyone.

pig show 021913 (6)

Some of the pigs were pink, and some were black and white. I asked Blair if she wanted to show pigs, and she said she did. But she wants a “regular pink pig.” Yes ma’am!

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

7 months

Another month goes by for our little one, and this has been a big one!

7 months 022013 (5).JPG textLaughing at Blair.

We started sitting right at the beginning of the month, and almost simultaneously, we were ON THE MOVE. He started crawling at 6 1/2 months.

sibling pics and leighton crawling 021713 (55)

One week after he started crawling – when he was still shy about going long distances – he was pulling up on stuff. Lord help me, he’s going to be walking at 8 months old!

pulling up first time already 021313 (1)Mainly pulling standing up over stuff lower than him right now.

Now, although he’s been crawling for a few weeks, he’s just in the last week actually going somewhere. He will now crawl across a room – usually after his mommy!

Sweet sleeping boy with his arms tucked under his belly – just like his sister when she was a baby.

sweet sleeper 020413 (5)

And he sucks on his sheet.

sweet sleeper 020413 (2)

Oh how he LOVES Gus and LOVES his sister.

7 months 022013 (22)

He gets excited about things and shakes his little arms and pulls them to him. It’s so cute!

He knows his name.

He took a bath in the big tub sitting up by himself.

first bath sitting up by himself 020213 (3)

Baby led weaning is going great. We started off very slowly because really he didn’t show much interest. Then, about 6 1/2 months, he fell in love with strawberry. Then one night he ate two avocado wedges, a half a kiwi, and some broccoli! And that was right after I had nursed him.

first asparagus 022013 (1)

I think he’s got the idea now! He’s had avocado, sweet potato, banana, strawberry, kiwi, chicken leg, bell pepper, noodles, broccoli, asparagus, blueberry, and pear. I  tried carrot sticks (long ones I cut for him and roasted), but he bit a big chunk right off. I took it away! He surprises me how well he does. He plays with his tongue and gets the food where it’s supposed to be. He gags sometimes, but he swallows it a lot easier than I thought he would. I’ll be honest; it’s a little scary at times!

He likes TV – better than Blair even. And he likes animals. He also likes lights and music. He loves outside and going for a walk/run in the stoller.

playing and relaxing watching dogs 022013 (7)Relaxed back watching the dogs

He rides in the car well. He still sucks on his blanket or his lip, and he’s started sticking his tongue out of the right side.

7 months 022013 (19)

Sometimes he seems to favor his left hand, so we’ll have to see how that plays out. Maybe he’ll be a lefty like his mama!

We still don’t have a set schedule except that he eats pretty much every 3 hours on the nose. He still naps at least for an hour between each feeding. Sometimes he’ll skip a nap and take a really long one. He still gets up at night sometimes – anywhere from 2 to 5am.

A basic day when we are home:

7:30 get up and nurse, play

8:30 nap for an hour

9:30 play

10:30 nurse

11:00 go outside, play (sometimes a snack)

11:30/12:00 nap for an hour

1:30 nurse

2:00 snack

2:30 nap for a few hours

4:30 / 5:30 wake up, nurse, eat in highchair while mommy fixes supper

6:30 bath

7:00 / 7:30 bed

This is a very variable schedule. Sometimes he’ll skip one of the short naps – especially if we go somewhere. And I just put him in the highchair when it works for us.

mr smiles 021713 (4)

This is the smilingest, happiest, most easy-going baby you will ever meet. He beams at whoever gets him from his crib. If he’s whining or crying in there, it is stopped by a smile as soon as he sees me. Sometimes when we’re playing he’ll smile and bury his head in my shoulder. I love it. And I sure love that he loves his mama.

iphone 0214 004 (2)7 months! (1)

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Down the hatch.

We have had major eating going on around here this past week! All of a sudden, Leighton has gotten the hang of food. We are still playing and learning, but he’s doing more than just looking at it now – which is what he did for the first two weeks!

It started with a strawberry that he sucked nearly all of the juice out of. I punctured it with a fork, and he went to town!

strawberry boy 020713 (4)

Then he got a hold of a half a kiwi. I think this is his favorite so far. He has eaten a whole half on several occasions. And it’s so crazy that he’ll suck all of the fruit off of the skin but doesn’t eat the skin! How does he know to do that?!

eatin boy 021513 (4)

He also loves sweet potato. He ate a whole wedge (I roast them in the oven.) and a half a kiwi one night this week.

sweet potatoes 012413 (15)sweet potato or fabric 013013 (4)

But he still likes fabric and paper! I have to fight him for the napkin when I wipe his face and hands! He gets upset because I won’t let him eat it.

sweet potato or fabric 013013 (7)

He did pretty good with broccoli…

broccoli 021213 (5)

And pear. He bit it right off – with no teeth!

first pear 021313 (5)

And he loooooves yogurt. That was Blair’s main food group for, um, several years. It’s almost still her main food group!

iphone awesome 002iphone awesome 004iphone awesome 006

We’ve tried blueberries a few times, but he’s got to get some practice with those! Surprisingly though, he can pick them up with his fingers!

blueberry! 021513 (3)

I made Blair’s baby food for the first several months, and Baby Led Weaning is certainly easier. Leighton is getting the same flavors (or more) without all the pureeing I was doing. Blair went through a picky stage, but now she will eat most anything we give her. I hope Leighton will be the same!

We’re not rushing anything though. I still nurse him first before giving him food. We want to do things slowly – he’s growing way too fast for mama!