Friday, January 18, 2013

Three Minute Shower.

Mama, mama, mama, What you doing? Are you taking a shower? Are you almost done? Mama, Mama, What are these? Mama, what are these, mama? Contacts. Why you need contacts? Mama, mama, why do you need contacts? To help me see. Why can’t you see, mama? My eyes aren’t good. Are Aunt Linnie’s eyes good? Does Aunt Linnie wear contacts? Why do you need contacts? Mama, is Faegan gonna have contacts too? When did we go to Aunt Linnie’s? This year or last year? Mama, mama. Mommeeee… did we go to Aunt Linnie’s last year or this year before Christmas? I wanna go to Aunt Linnie’s! When can we go to Aunt Linnie’s? Mama, mama, mama. We can’t go to Aunt Linnie’s because she’s coming to Gigi’s. Mama, mama, what time will we be at Gigi’s? Mama, will we be at Gigi’s at 5:30? Mama, mama, mama, what time will you be done? Are you almost done?

I probably forgot some. They’re like rapid fire all day and consume 98% of my brain power. I didn’t answer every single question, because she asks a lot of them for self entertainment (she knows the answer), but I added a few of my answers so her questions would make sense. And right as I finish, she finally goes about her business playing. Whew! She’s a busy one. It’s a good thing she’s so sweet!

Three years ago I did a post like this called 20 Minutes in the Life of Blair. She has not stopped since!

And now… Mama, what you working on?…

And now she has commanded the dog to get in the recliner. And he did.