Tuesday, January 29, 2013

They were matching when we left the house.

Well I just love matching outfits. And they’re not all that easy to find for girl-boy siblings. But I find them, and we occasionally wear them. Like today when we went to the doctor. Blair wanted to wear a dress, so I pulled out the sock monkey dress and john john.

They looked so cute. I even ironed the outfits. (The only clothes I iron are the kids’ clothes. I know. That’s pitiful.)

And then we got to Macon, and there was a smell. And then we were in the bathroom at the doctor’s office taking a paper towel “sponge” bath and washing out Mr. Sock Monkey john john!

But they were cute when we left the house! I didn’t even get a picture before the event!

Blair’s ears looked fine, which I was so happy about. She has yet another cold, and gave it to Leighton. And now I’m getting it. I just keep looking at it as one less cold they’ll have when they go to school!

outside 012913 (1)

When we got home, Blair was sad that too late to take a nap because that means she doesn’t get her addiction fix for the day – those pacis! She only gets them for nap. But she was happy to play outside.

outside 012913 (3)

Leighton is so close to crawling. He has the legs down and the arms down, but he can’t do both together. He scoots his legs up and lunges forward on his belly. But in a few days, he’ll have it.

outside 012913 (7)outside 012913 (8)

My lip sucker.

A neighbor came by to see us while we were outside. She brings her grandbabies over to see my chickens when they’re in town. When she left, Blair said, “Oh, I forgot to tell that little girl….” Everyone is a little girl to her!

outside 012913 (18)outside 012913 (22)outside 012913 (26)outside 012913 (17)All that was left of the cute outfit! But they are cute anyway!