Sunday, January 20, 2013

Six Months

I’m just going to skip the part about this baby being half a year old. I might cry.

six months with text 012013 022

So Leighton, you have been super busy in your sixth month! You had your first Christmas, entered your first birthday year, went to Savannah, had your first baby sitter, started sitting, and just about began crawling. Wow.

six months and avocado 012013 017six months and avocado 012013 021

Right about halfway through this month, you started getting on your hands and knees occasionally. About three days later, you were obsessed. Then the next week you were rocking. And now almost week later, you are scooting your knees up and belly flopping to move forward like you are breakdancing the snake! I know it will be a matter of days before you figure out the arm part. I am not ready for a crawling 6 month old!

savannah SE fruit and vegetable conference 011213 (41)please don't crawl! 011513 (19)please don't crawl! 011513 (20)

When you first started on all fours, you weren’t even sitting up good, but over the last two weeks, you’ve gotten better. As of this week, you can sit up alone, but you are wobbly and still face plant some. I like to have a little pillow support for you!

playing and almost sitting 010913 (13)1/9/13

happy babies beautiful day 011613 (55)1/16/13

weekend at gigi's leighton 6 months almost crawling 011913 (1)

You are wearing size 6 or 9 month clothes. Some of the 6 month ones are a tad snug. You wear a size 3 diaper, and I don’t expect this to change for a while! You are 16 pounds 12 ounces, 25 1/2 inches long, and your head is 17 1/2 inches. You’re not too big and not too little!

You love little people. You especially love Blair and smile at her better than anyone else. She doesn’t have to do a thing but look at you! You watch her and sneak an handful of blond hair whenever you’re close to her – and you have a death grip on it! You also love your crinkly zoo book. It’s probably your favorite thing to play with. And this little handheld light up music thing you got for Christmas. You love tv (very different from your sister on this one!), things that make noise/music, and putting everything in your mouth – especially fabric and tags.

happy babies beautiful day 011613 (3)Your favorite book.

You love Gus. You grab handfuls of his fur and bury your face in it giving him kisses. He likes to give you kisses too. Yuck.

This was Blair at this age loving on Gus.

may 053 smallmay 065 small

And here you are!

leighton 010213 (15)playing at home 011013 (13)playing at home 011013 (15)weekend at gigi's leighton 6 months almost crawling 011913 (23)weekend at gigi's leighton 6 months almost crawling 011913 (28)

You give kisses to people too. You grab hair or cheeks and go in for it full on with your mouth wide open. I don’t know if you are actually doing it because I kiss you all the time or if you just like it, but it sure looks like you’re kissing!

gigi's 010513 (16)

Two weeks ago, we got a babysitter for mommy to go work in the office. She comes two days a week. And since everyone loves you, she does too. The first day, you took a bottle but you wouldn’t take very much. (Possibly you were getting used to the pink Tommy Tippee I got on sale at TJMaxx! Since you decided you didn’t like Dr. Brown’s, we weren’t spending a fortune on a trial bottle!) The next day, you did better, and the next week you were sucking them down and excited about them! It almost hurt my feelings!

weekend at gigi's leighton 6 months almost crawling 011913 (217)

You’re just the best baby. You don’t fuss unless you’re hungry or sleepy – maybe sometimes if you’re bored. And you really only cry if Blair squeezes you too hard or tries to get you do turn your head or basically do what she wants you to do. She loves you to pieces, but she’s sort of bossy. I’m sure you’ll remedy this in no time.

playing and almost sitting 010913 (6)

A week ago, I finally put the pack n play up. You were sleeping in your bed most of the time anyway. Now that you sleep through most nights, I can have the space back in my bedroom. You are pretty consistent after waking up each day. You eat every three hours and sometimes go longer if you take a big nap. You stay up for about an hour and a half each time and go back down for a nap. If you stay up longer, you will take a really good nap after lunch. You are not as fussy for bedtime anymore, but you still like to go to bed around 7pm. If I feed you once more before midnight, you will sleep until anywhere from 4:30 to 6:30 and go right back down.

happy babies beautiful day 011613 (53)

I put you in the jumper for the first time this month. You really like it. You haven’t mastered jumping, but you like the toys on it.

leighton 010213 (25)We took you to Savannah for the Fruit and Vegetable Conference last weekend. You did great! Gigi kept you and Blair while daddy and I went to meetings. Both of you had a great time with Gigi. One morning, we walked down to River Street and toured a big boat. You had the best time looking around from the stroller. You love outside.

savannah SE fruit and vegetable conference 011213 (6)

You are super ticklish and just about jump out of the tub when I bathe your feet. You love a bath. You splash water all over the floor. I got some toys out for you to play with, and you love them. I also swapped you around to the sitting size of the baby tub. It’s better because you can’t keep trying to turn over!  And for some reason the bath makes you really suck on your fingers and bottom lip. You suck on your bottom lip anyway, but you go to town in the bathtub.

six months and avocado 012013 063six months and avocado 012013 066

We’re about to start some solids. You are sitting up better (alone but wobbly) and showing more interest in food. I think we’re going to try baby lead weaning. We’ll see how it goes… we don’t exactly have the best selection of fruits and vegetables here at our grocery store!

smiles 010813 (23)Leighton, I love you so much that I want to squeeze you to pieces. You have the best smile and “huh, huh” laugh that makes mommy laugh too! I am looking forward to seeing you grow into a precious little boy, but please don’t too fast! I’m enjoying you being little so much!

weekend at gigi's leighton 6 months almost crawling 011913 (35)

Lots of love from mommy, daddy, and Blair.


Candi James said...
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Candi James said...

Candi James said...
What a great blog post! The pictures are just so good, cute and perfect!

I especially love the one where Leighton looks like he is doing a pushup!!! LOL! The pictures of Gus with he and Blair are my favorites too of course. But the one where he is giving Jan a cheeky kiss is just priceless! Loveeeee that! That is so cute!!!!

I wish you could enter some of your photos in a contest, you would certainly be a big winner.

I hope you never ever stop having this blog. How thoughtful it is of you to write so many of their life experiences. This is something that has become a sweet treasure for sure.

Take Care Ashlee!