Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Sitting and Singing

Blair went to play at Brad’s moms today, so I had some baby boy time (and some me time – thankfully since I now have the munchkins’ cold!).

We got some good playtime in, and now it’s hard to remember what it was like here with just Blair and me. I felt like I got a lot done today! Leighton and I played on my bed for a bit… he laughed and laughed at me saying “arrrgh!” to him. He gets so excited and buries his head in the bed.

As of today, my baby is a bonafide sitter. He’s pretty stable, and he sat from his tummy for the first time.


Since he’s been sitting better and better, I pulled out the Sing Along Stage. Blair LOVED the Sing Along Stage. It was probably one of our best baby toys.


Baby brother loves it too.


It’s funny how I can still remember the order of the songs that play. And the part that says, “Now you’re rockin’!” was always our favorite.


Candi James said...

So Cute Ashlee. The bottom picture looks just like Blair doesn't it!

The Lucy Family said...

I haven't seen that toy! I need to find it. Target maybe? My little 7 month old would love that - she loves catching sight of herself in mirrors. He's absolutely darling!!

Ashlee said...

Unfortunately, I think the toy has been discontinued, but you might find it on Ebay or at a used toy shop! It's a good one for sure!