Monday, January 28, 2013

Shhh… don’t tell the bunnies.

We’ve branched out a bit in the past and grown produce other than watermelons – on a small scale. This year though, we’ll be feeding the masses with our little cabbage patch.

cabbage patch (2)

If you follow me on Twitter, you saw the picture I posted last week. Just in time for bunny season, we planted 15 acres of cabbage. 15 acres… no big deal, right? We grow more than 350 acres of watermelon. But… watermelon doesn’t come 23,000 plants to the acre.

cabbage patch (11)

That’s right, we (well, not me personally) planted about 350,000 baby cabbages this week. By hand. No transplanter, no automation, just some hard working hands placing 23,000 plants an acre over a few days.

cabbage patch (4)

So come springtime, we’ll be feeding lots of folks cabbage – yum! And no bunnies allowed!

I like mine steamed sprinkled with a bit of Knorr Caldo de Pollo en Polvo (my go to seasoning – chicken bullion granules) and seasoned pepper.

What’s your favorite cabbage recipe?

cabbage patch (7)